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"Going outside is highly overrated."

In the future of the year 2045, James Halliday, the creator of the virtual reality known as the OASIS, has died, but has left a message that he has hidden a secret Easter Egg inside the infinite digital multiverse.

The hunt is on, as whoever would find the keys that will lead to the Easter Egg, will not only gain Halliday's fortune, but all of OASIS as well.

Join the Hunt!

Welcome to the special fan story group for fanfics that crossover with Ernest Cline's Holy Grail of Pop Culture that is the novel, Ready Player One!!

The epic story that is also becoming a motion picture film, directed by Steven Spielberg!

All fanfic stories are welcomed here, such as stories that are based on the story and for those in which Equestria is part of the OASIS!!

Like in the OASIS, let your imagination run wild!!

(NSFW stories are not allowed!)

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