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Say hello, and introduce what you're here to do!

Senpai, note your fields and credentials, kohai, let us know what you want to learn!

Comment posted by Artist deleted Sep 23rd, 2017
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I'm Hap. I do drinking and other Scotland related things. As far as writing goes, I consider myself to be halfway decent, but that's mostly out of persistence.

There are also things I'd like to learn about writing, but at the current stage of things, I'm not sure what it is I'd like to learn. Stage two ignorance, I'm afraid. I know I do not know something, but I am unaware what the questions to ask are. I'm sure I'll sort it out eventually. I generally do.

I also do admining on TWG, martial arts, and medical device engineering studies (as of recently). There are things I'd like to learn about the last two as well, but that's probably off-topic for this site.

Yo. Chillbook1 here, also known as "that one weirdo who takes this sh*t way too seriously". I've been at this fanfiction thing for nearly five years now, and I'm mostly self-taught (that is to say I lack any formal training like a college course or even a writing workshop). Everything I know, I've learned either from stuff I've read growing up, stuff I've read on the site, or stuff I've written myself. I believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and I've done quite a bit, I think. Over the course of these past five-ish years, I've made a lot of mistakes, which I hope to prevent in others. Basically, I f*cked up so you don't have to!

My strengths are varied. I'm something of a jack-of-all-trades. I can do comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, adventure, one-shots, 100K multichap epics. If it's a genre and involves ponies, I can put out something that's passable at worst. I've been told that I excel at character dialogue and banter, as well as accurate character representation. My writing style has been described as clean, almost minimalist. This can be considered both a strength and a weakness; On the one hand, my stories tend to be devoid of unnecessary fluff. I try my best to give you only the information you need and not a sentence more. On the other hand, it can leave some to be desired.

I suck at beginnings and I suck at endings. I have difficulty telling when a story has gone on for too long (though I've been fairly lucky with guessing). My biggest weakness, however, is one that can't be easily trained away. My biggest weakness is lack of confidence. If I'm working on something, it won't be uncommon for me to get cold feet and worry that what I'm writing isn't any good. At that point, I either can it or push through it on account of having spent too much time on it to justify canceling it. So my writing process can be described as half creativity, half stubborn tenacity.

I hope to teach any who wish to learn what I discovered by way of trial and error. I also wish to learn a bit about crafting a world, creating something from nothing. So, in that sense, I wish to be both a senpai and a kohai (is there a term for that? Some sort of middle ground-hai?)

This looks like fun. Here to help out if anyone has some simple questions and whatnot.

Hello, there. I'm Darkstone57 and I'm here because A) I like the idea behind this group & B) I want to improve as a writer

Comment posted by Artist deleted Feb 9th, 2018

Aqua here, and unfortunately, not the same Aqua who did Barbie Girl. I'm an adolescent artist who makes up for her terrible literature skills with her less terrible drawing.

While my drawing skills at the moment are eh, I'm hoping that I'll one day be able to create cover arts for the artists of this site, as well as create an okay story of my own. I'm also in the middle of creating my own MLP AU comic, and could most certainly use the authors on this site to help create a great one.

I can't wait to mingle and meet a couple senpais of my own.

Good day,

'Tis I, David, that Ponyfinder guy, and person who rambles out horsewords as if they were going out of style. I am a 'Discovery Writer'. What is that? Given a seed or bare bones of a story, I will write, and write, and write, allowing the characters and events to inform me what should happen next, and after that, and so on. I do not plan out a story with the meticulous care that some writers do. I often don't plan at all. I let it all flow freely with 'What should happen next?' in that heat of the moment and letting the world that I've created carry itself forward.

It works for me.

Could it work for you? I'm open to giving advice or rambling. I will say it is the only writing style I know of where your characters can and will surprise you. I have had my characters rebel against me, or come up with ideas far better than what I was going to go with. Letting them results in little wonders that bring joy to me, and my readers.

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