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I once heard two most common things in the universe were Hydrogen and Human Stupidity, and the order of precedence was vauge.

Common sense is stuff you should know, like don't put your hand on a hot oven, or insult the people trying to help you. We are a zero tolerance group with disrespect, members are expected to conduct themselves with honor. A possible ban may result across our groups if someone is found to be disruptive, demeaning or generally a stain on our rumps.

2. OBEY BASIC FIM FICTION RULES (no harassment, NSFW content, etc)

We obey the case law and rights set forth by the United States of America. Harassment and other infractions are outlined by definition there.

We will be allowing clop stories and will be abiding by a understanding that these stories have consenting characters. I.e. no rape, drunk, underaged, or tricked characters. This will be taken extremely seriously.

We will not be allowing links OR embeds to Mature stories, however, those must be saved for PM or the designated Discord chat.

Our staff has the last say on the rules and how they're applied within the group and adjoined third parties,
those that are armchair attorneys needn't press.


Self explanatory. You may promote stories, but only if they are credited as a colab with your senpai/kohai (although they don't need to have originated here). Blatantly spamming/bumping promotions will result in appropriate responses.

Punishment for infractions, specifically the Common Sense and Honor, will be a warning if mild or a swift temporary ban if blatant. This group is a safe space; you may critique one's work and technique, but personal attacks will be met with swift fury.

Informally, have fun, and welcome aboard!

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