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This group is a save haven for those who either feel down, want to talk or even just at need to vent. The Lost Souls main objective is to make you feel better, not push you down or away. Rather it be by stories, mere words or even poems can be mean the world to someone else. To set an example:

Once upon a time, you were hunted by your past, by your own fate. You walked by the graveyard full of corpses, hoping to find your own. However, your fate did not lie there. It was something you could not escape from. You felt the cold air grasping towards your fate. You followed what the souls told you and continued to walk in the barren graveyard with no end in sight. That was, until you found something unspeakable. It was a soul. A unique one that were not like the others. You ran towards it, reaching it ever so slightly. Eventually, you grabbed it and with a faint whisper, you hear these words- "You may be different, you may not see it now but to those you don't see, you can be a beacon, an inspiration for something great. Hold on to yourself and no matter what comes your way or how tough things get, never lose sight of who you are and what you stand for." You were surprised by the comment but at the same time, happy to hear it. You held the soul close to you and as it reaches your heart, you feel slightly better, knowing that you are your own person and there is nothing wrong with that. You walk away from the graveyard, with a new drive and a set goal in mind.

The rules are as followed:

1)Don't attack users(that's a given).
2)Support is key here. Or rather, the golden rule treat others how you want to be treated.
3)Story submissions can be up to Teen(as long as its not graphic or sexual). The whole point of this group is a supportive role.
4)Poems, short stories, eta, eta... can be posted in the tread(Keep it relevant and SFW). Promotions are permitted as long as its a supportive story.
5)If you have a question, ask(PM or tread) me or one of the Co-leaders and we'll try to answer you asap.

Hopefully this group will expand and reach out to those who need it. I hope to see you.

Currently in charge:

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