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(Stardust X Twilight)

"Jack, where's the bookend?"


"The same bookend you got for me at the fair."

"Oh THAT bookend. Umm..."



"You used it as a backscratcher again, didn't you."

"Heheh, heh... No need to make it sound like a statement, love..."

(Stardust X Starlight)

"Hey Starlight, you haven't seen- WHOA!"

"SPIKE! What have I told you about knocking?!"

"Hey Spike, what's up?"

"Uhh, I'll just uh... Sorry for intruding!"

"There, he's gone now."

"Yeah, I see that... Stardust, did you have to be so callous about it?"

"What? Love, we were only just making out against the wall. It's not like we-"

"Where don't we just get back to that before anything escalates, okay?"

"Implying nothing would escalate from French-kissing against the wall?"


"Alright alright, no need to look like I burnt your favourite kite..."

(Stardust X Cadence)

"Your mother never told you what happened to your real father, Flurry."

"She told me enough. Shining Armor is my real Dad."

"No. I am your father."

"No, that's not true, that's not possi- But then, you two were kind of close even when she was married to somepony else..."

"Yeah your mother never really had a choice who she could be married to. Goddamn Celestia. It further proves it by, not only our heart signatures through Balance significantly similar, young one, but Cadence on her and Shining's honeymoon used protec-"

"Okay, that's as much detail as I needed to know, thanks 'Dad!'"

(Stardust X Sunset)

"Ten bucks says they won't realize we're listening in until they're finished."

"Quite the bold dare, darling, especially as an intrusion upon their intimate privacy."

"They really should have thought of that before deciding to lock themselves in a spare public classroom for some alone time..."

"Maybe we should leave them alone..."

"Oh hey, I can see Sunset removing his jacket!"

"Definitely should leave them alone..."

"Darn straight. It's jus' wrong of us to be listenin' in on 'em."

"Applejack dear. Just think of it as concerned friends making sure our darling Sunset is being well taken care of."

"Stardust should really be watching his hands there... Oh wow!"

"Tch, fine! Ten bucks says they'll notice and punt yer to smithereens, Rainbow Dash."

"Fifteen bucks says Sunset shall be beaming in positiveness for the rest of the day after lunch."

"Like that's something to wager..."

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