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Wooooooo! It's thread time! Come on down and ask Dustchu some awesome questions!

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Good for Dust!
Hmm, what to ask of him...

1) Why the name Dustchu? Is there a story behind the name?
2) Who is your favorite Barcaster?
3) Assuming you like McDonald's, which is your favorite Mickey D food?

"Mobius One, Engage the Questions!"

One - What is your favorite meal, snack, or foodstuff that is really unhealthy but so friggin' delicious?

Two - What is the biggest or weirdest fear that you have?

Three - Why is Bagged Milk the Best Milk?

Four - What is your one annoying habit?

Five - What's the theme song for your sex life?

Six - Just how big is your porn stash?

Seven - Did you know? There are three kinds of Aces: those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle. Of these Aces... Which are you?

Eight - If you had to chose one song from the Ace Combat Series as your most beloved... Which would it be?

To Dust:
1) You're the most prolific member of the Discord server by far, sending just under 88 thousand messages. Next best is Milk, with only about 55 thousand. Have you considered adapting them into a novel at all? They're certainly long enough.

Hello all, I'm back :)

Hope everyone had a good day.

  1. What is your top three stories hear on Fimfiction?
  2. Why did you pick the fanfiction part of the brony community?
  3. What is your favorite ship?
  4. What is your least favorite ship?
  5. What is your favorite story that you have written for this site?
  6. Who would win in a fight, Disord or Pinkie Pie?
  7. Who is best Princess?
  8. What do you think of this engine?
    (I think are friend anonpencil is really going to like the name of this engine)

    Santa Fe 5000 aka Madame Queen

Hey, whaddup? It's ya boi. Remember me?
So, I have a few questions that I spent ten minutes half a day thinking over.

  1. When, how and why did you become a horsefucker?
  2. Is your mother proud of you yet?
  3. At what point did you realise you're beyond saving?
  4. Describe your dream date with Rainbow Dash.
  5. Human, anthro, pony; kiss one, bang one, marry one. Which?
  6. What's your OC's plan to dominate Equestria?
  7. I dare you to say something good about the zeebs.
  8. Do you need a hug?

1. Favorite headcanon?

2. Bug ponys or gay deer?

3. Bird ponys or bat ponys?

4. Do you even crotch boobs?

5. Why not dragon boobs?

6. Why you so sexy fam?

7. How do these socks make you feel?

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve never met someone who’s so close to looking 30 but sounds so close 13.

How do you feel about your swamp being turned into a refugee camp for magical creatures?

On a scale of 1 to Milk, how much of a faggot are you?

Where do you stand on Celestia’s new policy calling for the eradication of the filthy stripes?

As you know, beards give their owner special powers, what is yours?

Dust! Would you fuck R63 Rainbow Dash?

  1. Whats your favorite video game?
  2. whats your favorite boss fight?
  3. have you accepted skeletor the master of the universe into your heart?
  4. you are in small horse burg what business do you start ?
  5. Do you even praise bro?

\ [+] /

1. What is your favorite non-MLP franchise?

2. Have you ever done anything for a non-MLP franchise?

3. Why you so awesome?

4. I have tossed you into the sun! What do?


1: Equestria: Vacation spot? Or Permanent Residence?

2: Timeline shenanigans: You must replace one piece of historical artwork with one piece of your own artwork (literature counts). Your piece of artwork gets the same exposure and readership as the original piece of artwork. How is history changed?

So, Duster buster, has the cast been nice to you?
(Almost all urls will be images, excluding first link, knighty and the way)
1.) What's it like to write hoarse words?
2.) If you were given 33 drinks of your choice every week, would you give Knighty
a place to stay at/near your home? How many drinks would you offer Knighty to have Rainbow stay at/near your home?
3.) Would you hug thing-pone? Kiss them good night? Tell them every little thing is going to be alright?
Would you stick your peener in it?
4.) *Rainbow can do anything in 10 seconds flat, while being 20% cooler. If coolness is replaced by cuteness, how long does it take for the cuteness to lead to heart problems?*
5.) Has the disappointment kicked in yet?
6.) How much Dash is too much Dash? And would your little Dashy wear socks or nah?
7.) Dashing through the snow, lewding all the way?

What brought on your love for Rainbow Dash?

You even sound like Mentally Advanced Series Rainbow Dash! How does that make you feel?

Has anybody told you how smooth your chest is?

If you get slapped when you're about to cum, will that help you hold it in or will that intensify your orgasm instead?

Will you clean Rainbow Dash's nose boogers with your finger?

You and Rainbow Dash are intensely fucking each other, wrestling your tongues and humping as deeply as you could. You hug each other closely: her wings folded around you and caressing your back; your finger stuck and wiggling in her nose.
When the both of you are about to cum, Dash suddenly pulls you out and whimpers, "Wait! Do it inside my nose, please!"
It's about time to release your load. Will you cover her in your love or will you cum inside Rainbow Dash's nose?

You are a necrophile, and you are fucking the freshly embalmed corpses of your family when Rainbow Dash comes over and begs you to share your father's corpse with her so that you can punch the gut of your father and make its decomposing juices explode inside her.
Will you let your dead father cum inside Rainbow Dash or kill her to add her corpse to your fetish collection?

How are you today?~

How does this make you feel?:

Why is enigma so sexy?

Explain yourself, young man.

What is your absolute favorite scene you've ever written and why?

Why do you write? What do you get out of it?

Do you like hippogriffs?

Could you be any gayer if you tried? Like, if I purified the gay gene to 110% purity, would you become gayer?

Can you sing Bohemian Rhapsody and try to get the cast to join in? Plz?

How much does it cost to put an ad on your forehead? Better, yet, are you planning to rent out the multiple spaces you have there?

How many ideas do you really have?

If your life was a movie, what song would play when your character dies?

1) you're a cool guy, and cool guys don't have boring shit like "rest in piece" on their gravestones. What will you have engraved in that bitch? (don't die tho)
2) why shark girls?
3) would you rather be the hero that saves the day but goes through immense suffering or the supporting character who is in the background for the whole movie but at the end of the day they still made it and they had it easy?

Why do you like men?

Why do you like women?

Where do you find yourself most comfortable/inspired to write? Outside? Inside? A specific location?

If they could talk, which would be more scarred for life: Your computer, or your Daki?

Do you ever question the frequency of your bowel movements? It can say a lot about a person. They have charts, you know.

You are Zepher Breeze, and you find your sister's best friend hot as fuck. Deciding to get some form of action, you get a potion that shrinks you, and can can re-size you on command, and you hide in her toy drawer. That evening, she grabs her butt plug, which you've attached yourself to, to go on a wild kinky ride, only instead she shoves it in her vagoo. You decide to live your life in her pussy, in pure bliss as you fuck the insides of her walls, ejaculating, and getting her pregnant. You have no idea how she's reacting to suddenly finding herself pregnant, but you persist on living in there (thankfully she really likes bananas and she's a squirter). Then you can watch as your child is made, growing inside your mare and you playing twenty questions. Having had your fill, eleven months later, your foal is about ready to be born, so you sacrifice it to your Celestial bodied gods, and eat your young. With Rainbow's final push, you exit, covered in mare jizz, birthing fluids, and other questionable things. The question: Do you become Rainbow's rightfully birthed son, and slowly control the potion to grow your size in accordance to aging, nursing off of your "mother" that eventually leads into a incest relationship, or do you return to full size then and there, and have another go at it?

Do you prefer the hippogriffs from Mount Aeris or Silver Quill's version of the species?

What are your thoughts about the ending of deltarune? And if you haven't seen/played the game will you in the future?

How do you feel about How To Dragon Your Dragon 3 coming out?

Finally, what are your feelings about how this generation of Mlp is coming to an end with Season 9?

do u D00t?

1. What is the most gay Disney coupple?
2. through how many itterations of your name did you go throug since you joined the barcast and which is your favorit?
3. You get grappeled by a long mimic tongue. What did the mimic desguise as at first to lure you into his trap and how do you plan to escape?
4. What was your new year resolution and are you still keeping up with it?
5. Which member of the MLP Cast would you like to interview the most?
6. Which members of the Barcast are wifu material?
7. Which are your favorite and most visited channel on the barcast Discord?
8. What was your barcast highlight of 2018?

Welcome to the Snooty Spitoon, how cute are you?

would you still love rainbow dash even if she were a zebra?

also, what is your final solution for the rampant stripe problem in horseland?

6726775 1.Dustchu, what cake is best cake?
2. Are you hyped for the RE2 remake, Doom Eternal, or KH3 more?
3. How hard do you praise, bruh?
4. Would you trust a pony named Starbreaker, or run away as fast as possible (since MLP names tend to be meaningful somehow)?

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