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Round 2 of our new and exciting series of interviews! We are joined by the wonderful Samey90!

Questions for Samey90

Q1. Hi, Samey! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and answer some of our questions! To start off, give us the run-down. Who are you and what do you do in the fandom? Give us your pony life story!

A: I’m a 28-year-old guy from Poland and while I used to write stuff from time to time before, I only got into MLP in 2012, when I read Rainbow Factory, out of curiosity more than anything else. I still find it better than Cupcakes, though it isn’t saying much. Anyway, I started to dig more on DeviantArt and, through reading milesprower06’s sequel of Cupcakes I discovered fimfiction (and read the first clop scene, but that’s not important right now).

When I first made an account, I didn’t feel like writing yet, actually. I mostly read stuff, ranging from famous to cringe-worthy (seriously, some of my early faves aged as badly as my early fics). I only decided to try writing pony after discovering Estee and reading Five Hundred Little Murders. If I recall correctly, I found it after reading a string of rather bad fanfics and my reaction was like that picture of Gordon Ramsay and Ratatouille, with Gordon saying, “finally, some fucking good food”. In my case, it was followed by, “I should write something one day.”

Q2. Awesome! How about something more controversial! Who is best pony and why is it luna?

A: Luna ;) But seriously, as of late, I’m kinda fond of somewhat neurotic ponies, like Starlight Glimmer (it’s not a coincidence that I wrote two fics with her getting somewhat cranky this year) or the Flower Trio. I also like Trixie, of course.

Q3. Blasphemy I say! Clearly, that's the wrong pony! Speaking of ponies, how big is your dick?

A: Perfect.

Q4. That's an amazing unit of measurement! Tell us about your writing process! What gets you in the zone for writing?

A: Nothing in particular, really. I just write for about an hour or two a day, whenever I’m not playing guitar or spending time on futile attempts to teach myself playing chess. But when I really get into a story, I can write thousands of words in one sitting.

Q5. Have you used your amazing writing skill outside of the mlp fandom? Maybe some Star Trek fanfics you wanna share?

A: Not Star Trek, but I’m planning to write a Star Wars fic one day. Also, from before MLP days, there’s that Naruto fic I wrote in 2009 when my friend asked me to do it. I’ve never seen an episode of Naruto in my life and the results are not safe for work or your sense of good taste. Check it out yourself:

Q6. How about some advice for the young’ins getting into the game. What advice would you like to impart on the new authors that join the fandom daily?

A: Take your time before you publish your first fic. Recently, I’ve seen a guy who posted a fic with a title literally saying, “temporary title” or something like that. Seriously, if you didn’t even bother with the title, why are we supposed to bother with reading it? It’s fanfiction, you don’t have a deadline. Polish your fic before posting and make sure it’s presentable.

Also, don’t base your first fic on whatever fad is fashionable at the moment. For starters, there’s probably a ton of guys who already wrote their totally original Anon-a-Miss suicide/Fallout: Equestria crossover before you and you’ll be branded as an epigone. Cue people bringing their virtual rotten tomatoes to your fic (or torches and pitchforks, if you managed to be offensive enough).

Oh, and one more thing: read your dialogue aloud. Then think if people really talk like this and give up and never write dialogue again rewrite your dialogue accordingly.

Q7: What inspires your writing?

A: Everything, really. Some real-life situation, something I read on Discord, music… Recently, I noticed one of my coworkers has a habit of angrily stabbing the slice of lemon in her drink with a straw. I immediately started to think how to put it in a story and what character I’d give that trait to. It just happens naturally.

Q8: What's your funniest anecdote from your time in the fandom?

A: There were many such situations, but I guess it was the whole writing process of Celestia’s Day Out. It was a collaboration between me and two other people (none of them writes anymore. What a bummer), where we were constantly trying to write the other person into the corner and, as a result, we ended up with a story of Celestia, an axe, and an innocent filly called Chocolate Icing, with highlights including exploding foals, Celestia pretending to be a filly, and some hapless stallion who, after a close contact with Luna’s ass, ended up like this guy with a hat from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It makes sense in context (kinda).

Also, now when I think about it, many beginner (and not beginner) writers talk a lot about a character usually known as “my OC”. If I were to choose one such OC that holds a special place in my heart, it’d be little Chocolate Icing -

Yes, she has an axe in her head. Deal with it.

Q9: What’s your favorite drink? (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

A: Moldavian red wine. As for non-alcoholic, tea. I occasionally identify as a British upper-class twit.

Q10: Crotch-tits?

A: Depends on the artist.

Q11: What’s the most horrific thing you could invent right now?

A: Sweetie Belle discovering the mirror pool. All her clones happen to be pyromaniacs.

Q12: If you could, would you?

A: It’s not like I wouldn’t if I could, but if I couldn’t, I’d still would.

Q13: What are some other hobbies you have?

A: I play guitar, read a lot, and go to the gym. As of late, I’m trying to play chess. Y’all can look me up on lichess and you quite a big chance to win.

Q14: Any con trips planned for this coming year?

A: Not really. I usually have a lot of work in Summer and I also live on the other side of the world.

Q15: What would you say was the most fun to write of your stories?

A: I already mentioned Celestia’s Day Out, but other than that, I really enjoyed writing Sleepless and It’s the End of the World as We Know It. With the former, I could type up to two chapters a day; I liked the story so much. The latter is quite unlike what I usually write; it’s Equestria Girls, so I had to go back to writing humans and fill quite a lot of gaps in the universe with my own worldbuilding. It’s romance, which is completely out of my comfort zone. And of course, no one really did this ship before (I toyed with the idea in Right on Schedule, but these stories aren’t directly connected, for obvious yet spoilerrific reasons). Moreover, the thing ended up huge and all those characters (the chart I made lists over 50 of them) really grew on me.

Q16: Who is your senpai? Why is it Enigmatic Otaku, you terrible person.

A: I don’t really have senpai so I guess I can go to Enigmatic and quote a certain unknown TV personality with “you’re hired!”.

Excellent interview! Samey's a really awesome guy and writer. Put more thought into the Shadowbolts in five minutes than the MLP writing staff has ever!

Samey is the me I wish I could be. You should all read It's The End Of The World As We Know It and don't be put off by the length, it's a supremely digestible slice-of-life soap opera that properly makes use of the Equestria Girls background humans in ways that the series never bothered to was never able to.

Seconded. It's a damned fine story.

Second seconded! Was a pleasant surprise to read it.

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