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Okie dokie, just doing a bit of house cleaning and condensing a pair of threads!

First off Discord serve! If you'd like to come hang out with the Barcast crew and the many people who watch the show, click on this invite right here >>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Its where you'll get to see us and many other outside of our usual cast selves and hang out with some of the really cool people who populate this group!

Next is the Patreon! (pls dont kill me ;3;)

So, if you have some extra dosh, cash, monies, tendies, dollars, cheese, bits, coin, that dolla dolla bill yall, feel free to pass it our way! All proceeds go directly to

Its a really cool place and we even sponsor a horse named Big Mack!

Giving us just one dollar also gives you access to our super secret channels on the Barcast discord server where the Barcast, and Mug Shots crews talk shit about everyone else! pass around a few funny links and talk behind the scene during the cast!

Boo, the invite's expired! Booo!

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3
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