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Get All Art Is Quite Useless on here! With his suddenly rising fame and oddly controversial stories that somehow make the top of the feature box as well as his overall British pluckiness, he would be awesome for the Barcast. Of course, he hasn't endorsed this so don't tell him I said it :heart:

I would recommend Reykan, he has some good stories, and a good amount of those stories having some sexy bug ponies in em so that is plus.

I agree with getting him on here. He is a wealth of writing knowledge, and once you get him going, he'll never stop. Also, him answering a Vylon question would be hilarious.

I'd also like to recommend getting B_25 in here, because he too is a wealth of knowledge, and has been on the site for quite a while. Not to mention he's one of the well known Spike writers, and I know how much you guys love Spike. :rainbowwild:

I don't know how I've been in the Discord for like a week and not in the actual group. The FARK.

Anyway, I'd like to recommend:

M. E. Lovecolt
The man worldbuilds like crazy and he's one of those rare dedicated writers that will actually write a story in full (I mean like, a bajillion words) before he even posts the first chapter.)

Funny as cluck.

and Dreamingnoctis
Doesn't write much at all, but he does a bunch of artwork, including a bunch of cover art here on the site, as well as running the Ask Asylum Twilight TUmblr.

Also me. I want to nominate me. MEEEEE. :pinkiehappy:

I have two more users on the site that I think would be awesome to have on the cast.

1) NorrisThePony:

This guy has some of the best world-building I've seen, and his prose is to die for. I honestly think he's one of the best writers on the site, and getting him on the cast will get us some good insight into how to write good OCs

2) Ice Star:

Much like Norris, she's really good at world-building, and does something you don't really see on the site, poetry. Plus her Ice-verse has the best Cadance interpretation I've seen, which I know Flutterpriest will love to hear.

Group Admin

Thanks everyone for the awesome suggestions! We've got some sweet people coming in 2018, and im sure more than a few you'll recognize from this THREAD! so get HYPE!

>implying I'm not always HYPE for the Barcast


... where have you guys been in my life.

Also, while I'd like to submit myself, that would be stupid, so I suggest Georg, who is one of the most prolific and still active authors on this site and is awweeesooome.

I also submit Rune Soldier Dan who is again, another great author, has written some of the most widely read stories on and is still quite active in the community.

Comment posted by libertydude deleted Jan 18th, 2018

Hey guys, Vren55 would be down for an interview. Please make him blush. :D

How about:
Gutiu Serenade - Wanna have fun drinking classy as fuck for 2 houres? - A way to reach him is trough

I say the YouTuber DWK his reviews are hilarious.

That's an excellent idea!

I would like to massively recommend Kaidan!

He is a super cool author, and I used to read him loads back in the day (Dash of Humanity and Twilight's Dollhouse, anyone?). And not only that, he's starting hanging around the Discord and proved that he's a really cool person.

Get him on! :yay:

Evictus. He's the most determined guy I know of on Fimfiction, even though practically all of his stories flop. Contact him through a Fimfiction PM.

You should invite Jack of a Few Trades! He's semi-famous and also knows Seventh Heaven.

And also WraithWriter! He will sound like shit! And he also knows Seventh Heaven. He also has slightly more horse fames.

Here's two I think should be added to the list.

Princess Amore Dudette.


Both good writers, some great fics under their proverbial belts.

I second the vote on Samey90 because he is awesome and he writes stories that make me happy in ways I don't understand





Viking ZX is an immensely talented author. He'd be very interesting to have on for the cast!

This is a hard question, There are hundreds of bronies i would like to see, so I'll begin with just two:

Pony berserker, he is quite active an deviant art right now, he has a very popular OC called berzie and he interacts with other creators like d-sana and Emosite, who could also be candidates for this.

as for Fim Fiction Calm wind has been developing a gigantic universe around the wonderbolts (his current story is arround 2 milion words) and he is not that much recognised, I also like a lot his writing style.

(just realised he was already in the list)

so then Vdrake77, he only has 1 fanfic, but it is really good and always manages to be featured.

I'll post more as time goes on.

If you're ever looking to get people back, FamousLastWords is cool!

Also, shortskirtsandexplosions is cooler, if he's up for doing it again. :twistnerd:

I honestly think that An intricate Disguise will be a good fit on the cast

I am a lemur and I also think skywriter An Intricate Disguise should be on an episode of the Barcast.

Okay, I'm not sure if he's been suggested, but if not, that's a crime.

I'd suggest having FamousLastWords on the Barcast. He's friendly, cool, and an all-around chill guy. Also, he write some solid, silly, nice stuff! He's in most servers I'm aware of, and always has time for everybody. He's also one of the few people in this fandom with a love of true crime and that's important okay.

Group Admin

We've had famous on. :) He's a wonderful guy and is a personal friend of mine. His cast was awesome and is up on itunes

Oh hey I should give that a watch

Seconding UniqueSKD and Horizon

Seconding Headless Rainbow.

Seconding Meep the Changeling

Seconding all of these, although most of these people would probably be horrified by the type of questions that get asked here.

I am actually personal friends with Meep, and I think it would be an AWSOME!!! idea to get her on here! I think her work is a little underappreciated, Also here is how to reach her

Horizon and DWK would be fantastic!

I would like to see Princess Amore Dudette (emerging reviewer/writer) on the Barcast. I’d also enjoy seeing the dobermans (darkfic writer, OG FimFic member) interviewed.

Scribbler, Pitch, Emogak and Keyframe - Because they are AMAZING VAs

Also, I'm not entirely sure how this works in the sense that I don't know if there are any qualifications you need for being a guest. Or what they are.
Buuuuuut I'm just going for it cuz' he's a brony so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think Flaming Shark should be a guest! He is a very entertaining reactor, and person in general. I just think it would be really cool to see him get interviewed. :)

Some suggestions:

Tystarr - One of my favourite authors in this mixed up horse escapism club.
Sadly not very active, and hasn't been for a while. Not terribly likely she'll appear, but you never know....

Demon Eyes Laharl - A guy who writes some very moist and worldbuildy words. Might actually be a cat. Availability unknown, shake a treat bag and see if he comes to investigate.

AnonponyDASHIE - More of an editor than a writer, but responsible for giving that story the oxygen of attention. And for smoothing out the bumps in many, many others. The hero we need.

vdrake77 - Not very prolific. But that one featured story. :heart:

FluttershyElsa - Creator of Pony Polka, and has a non-zero chance of being responsible for the existence of Cheese Sandwich. Known to wear a bag on his head.

Something fluffy for Priest because reasons

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