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Tails. Pony tails, dragon tails, draconequus tails, or the tail of basically anything that has a tail.

They can do many things with tails, and more often than not played for cuteness.

Biting tails (which Applejack used to love to do to Rainbow Dash, hence the icon), tail whips, twitchy tails, prehensile tails, tail techniques in Buckball, using tails to fly, digging tails, mustache tails, back and forth, graceful tails, adorable tails, using tails as a tissue, hiding under tails, styling tails, tying balloons around tails, using tails for dusting, striking tails with lightning, using tails to brainwash cursing beavers, and anything else tail-related that you can think of. (Everything named above has been seen at least once in the show)

If you have ANY kind of interest in tails, standard or otherwise, join here. Find tails to be cute? Like how they make a character expressive? Wonder what it's like to have a tail, or find them fascinating coz they're something most creatures have that humans don't? Took note of the unique uses of them in some shows? Entertained by a particular use of them in MLP or anything else? Any other kind of interest I didn't mention? This is the group for you!

The name for this group was suggested by Bryan Luna.

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Sounds like my story, once it gets approved, will be the 17th! (17 is my favorite number)

Oh and I considered calling it My Little Pony Tails, but I doubted many would think too highly of a group with a similar name to the second TV series of My Little Pony, which, from what I heard, didn't have any of the appeal G1 and Friendship is Magic do.

To find stories and add them here I typed "tail" in the searchbar.

To anyone new to this group, they're divided into two folders. The E and T ones are in the Main folder, and the Mature ones are in the folder marked Mature. If per chance there's someone else with a standard interest in tails who doesn't like the mature stories, that will make it easier for them.

I stopped for now at the 30th page of results of my search, besides, by this point most titles seem to either be punning on the word Tale (like the episode A Hearth's Warming Tail), or else a Fairy Tail crossover.

If anyone knows any story that deeply involves tails, as either the main focus or a major part of the story, feel free to add it to this group, and into the appropriate folder.

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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