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Purple Patch
Group Admin

Australia & Oceania- Extrania

· Australia: Horsetrailia
· Fiji: Tagi
· Kiribati: Otinti/Fregata
· Marshall Islands: Rataka
· Micronesia: Stellarina
· Nauru: Lowlao
· New Zealand: New Eweland/Whanaua
· Palau: Suliba
· Papua New Guinea: Cumula
· Samoa: Aouli
· Solomon Islands: Platinum Islands
· Tonga: Muthia
· Tuvalu: Tapua
· Vanuatu: Ulumi

And that covers it.
Wiktionarians for the Win!

Group Contributor

Very nice! Horsetrailia, better watch out for a laser if you get what I mean

Purple Patch
Group Admin

Ah yes. :trollestia:

"Wave goodbye to yer' head, clopper!"

Group Contributor

Yep. While Blue suits the role, It's difficult to say how seh could make the parent part, due being an orphan but a funny thought for her killcount

Blokes that bludgeon their wife to death with a golf trophy. (hold up a golf throphy covered in blood from her last victim, and chuclkles nervously as she noticies and throws it away.)

Purple Patch
Group Admin

Well, she keeps her feelings separate from her job.
She is indeed polite, efficient and has a plan to kill everypony she meets.
But she won't pee into a jar. She has standards.

Group Contributor

Yep, thought if she role plays him, the parent part could be hard to make given she's an orphan. Though Jarate, I guess even Solomon would be disgusted when being hit by it.

Group Contributor

Can some-brony forn the
meet the sniper video
that has him talk about being a Brony ?


the parent part could be hard to make given she's an orphan[/quote

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