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Purple Patch
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West Asia- Ashwar

· Armenia: Erivara
· Bahrain: Lalura
· Iran: Khayla
· Iraq: Duraq
· Israel: Nesora (Little Miracle)
· Jordan: Kimira
· Kuwait: Abarath
· Lebanon: Labanum
· Oman: Sabak
· Qatar: Banabir
· Saudi Arabia: Saraj/Saddle Arabia
· Syria: Zakara
· Turkey: Haissan
· UAE: New Saraj
· Yemen: Wafan

East Asia- Uba

· China: Longma/Chineigh
· Hong Kong: Tian Gang/Tim Pong
· Japan: Uma/Neighpon
· Korea: Mang-Ji/Mangea
· Macau- Haima Gang/Hamjam
· Mongolia: Adu’Khan
· Taiwan: Meihua/Mihara/Flyaway Isle

Central Asia- Onara

· Afghanistan: Atris (-tan)
· Azerbaijan: Dalar (-istan)
· Kazakhstan: Jandor (-istan)
· Kyrgyzstan: Syldar (-istan)
· Tajikistan: Xari (-stan)
· Turkmenistan: Yunt (-istan)
· Uzbekistan: Tamor (-istan)

South Asia- Bhora

· Bangladesh: Agnadesh
· Bhutan: Norbun
· India: Ghora/Mareatha
· Maldives: Cilacuna (Whale Islands)
· Nepal: Nayora
· Pakistan: Khur (-istan)
· Sri Lanka: Varama (Diamond Isle)

Southeast Asia- Gran Carana

· Brunei: Darusam
· Cambodia: Sathea
· Indonesia: Bantingas
· Laos: Fawan
· Malaysia: Tembador
· Myanmar/Burma: Mranmar/Murma
· Phillipines: Cianinas/Fillypines
· Singapore: Ninapore (Ghost Dog Bay)
· Thailand: Erawana
· Timor: Lagartica
· Vietnam: Saola/Ib'Xian

The names Haissan and Ib'Xian are from Prince Staghorn's The Known World. I'd seriously recommend joining the group.

Group Contributor

Nice names, I hope Saola, Atris (-tan) and Mang-Ji/Mangea don't have the same histiry as their human counterparts.

Purple Patch
Group Admin

No, not much chance of that.
Those were wars of philosophies, clashes of ideals.
They're not inbuilt into the personality of the people living there, that would be absurd.

Saola is named after the local saola antelope, also known as the Vu Quang ox or False Oryx (Its critically endangered due to deforestation and hunting in the past but the government has huge conservation efforts for it, though they're usually rather vague since the animal is so solitary)
The Saola are like forest alicorns, their magic keeps the country flourishing but they keep to themselves. A pony sits on the throne of Emperor but since the Saola forbid the Emperor to order blood spilled or land seized, a military cabinet known as the Circle of Red Ghosts is set up out of Saola's most prominent military minds of any local race. The Circle and the Imperial Family often clash but the Saola often settle things between them.
Historical Equivalent- Vietnam under Emperor Le Thanh Tong.

Atristan is a pony settlement granted by the powerful but nomadic tribe of Two-Humped Camels, merchants with few equals that are often the saviour of those lost in the plains.
Atristan is mostly a merchant empire that deals in jewels and materials hard to reach in such perilous lands but during war, they specialise in guerrilla warfare, famous for being able to hide whole cities in the desert sands, as if moving them entirely, causing any invading army to lose its way and be left at the mercy of the elements.
Historical Equivalent- Ancient Bactria/Sogdia

Mang-Ji is ruled by the Chollima, a mysterious alicorn-like goddess that travels on clouds of flame. Mang-Ji is famous for its elegant fabrics and patterns as well as its rich culture, dignitaries famous for being carried to foreign lands still in their palaces on the backs of giant black tortoises.
Its also rich for avoiding being conquered by the twin powerhouses of Chineigh and Neighpon by consistently supporting one when the other plans invasion. Whether this is Chollima's work (She's hardly subtle) or a figure in the shadows in uncertain but few can fault their strategy.
Historical Equivalent- Joseon.

Group Contributor

Good. A wall around Farmany's capital is the least Fletcher and Wagensroll need

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