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When the Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms first made their debut back in 2014, they were met with...mixed reception, to say the least. I personally think they're one of the most intriguing kaiju to ever grace the screen.

First off, I felt like they kind of represented an interesting classic vs. new dichotomy with their ancient adversary, Godzilla. We all know the silhouette of the King of the Monsters well; that lumbering, spiny-backed theropod-esque monster has been engrained in Japanese and American cultures since the 1950s. By contrast, the MUTOs are sleek, aerodynamic, and far weirder looking in appearance by comparison. These look like creatures made for a society that wants to see more original concepts than radioactive dinosaurs.

Not that I'm dishing Godzilla here. He's lasted this long for a good reason.

But my biggest appreciation for the MUTOs comes in the challenge the represent to humanity. Almost every good monster has some kind of allegory running behind it in one way or another. With Godzilla, it was the looming threat of nuclear power, and what it might unleash if used incorrectly.

But remember; the MUTOs biggest advantage over humanity in the 2014 film was their Electromagnetic Pulse, which fried all electronics that happened to be nearby. Now really think about it: we're a society that's totally dependent on electricity and artificially generated power. The MUTOs can take that away without a care in the world. Look how we get when we can't get service or internet connection. Many of our businesses are now built around electronic communication. This terrifying aspect of the MUTOs is something that I honestly think is quite understated in the Godzilla fandom.

And that's my two-cents on the MUTOs. What do you think?

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