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Darth Gonzo
Group Admin

Here are my 3 Kaijus.

Jaws (I would love to Jaws in the MonsterVerse because there are too many land Kaijus why not an underwater one? Also I can see this as a possible because of the fact that Kong is owned by Universal and Skull Island was a WB movie, so Universal let them use Kong why not Jaws?)

Moby Dick (Now going on the idea of an underwater Kaiju why not one of the oldest ones? As you can tell the image I used is from the Moby Dick cartoon by Hanna-Barbera, that's because this version of Moby Dick fought Sea Monsters and would be the best version to use for the MonsterVerse if they were to use Moby.)

THEM! (THEM! was a movie about giant radioactive ants that were made by Nuke tests. This one is most likely going to happen because these facts WB own THEM! and THEM! was referenced in Skull Island.)

Who are the 3 Kaijus you would like to use in the MonsterVerse and why you think it could happen?

P.S. Kaijus only, no Mechas!

Jaws is to small

Moby Dick, you are safe as long you are not at sea.

THEM maybe the monster of the movie.

the last 3

Darth Gonzo
Group Admin

Jaws was about the same size as RKO Kong. And I mean the official sizes.

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