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Well, meteorological autumn is here, and that means another Flashfic 150. Admittedly, so do all the other seasons. And the months that don't begin seasons. As you may have seen a week or so ago, there's one new rule, but don't worry: it's simply a case of "no spoilers". In brief, please don't use events, characters or settings that have not aired on Discovery Family in the US. If you've seen those Dutch episodes, stuff in there is not fair game. Clear enough, I hope. :twilightsmile:

Here are the full rules.

Remember, there is no prize, as such, for this contest -- but if you win, you will be able to choose the prompt for the next contest. You'll also get a mention on the group's front page. Usually I try to think of something at least mildly amusing to put here, but this time my brain has defeated me. This is quite an achievement, considering it has no limbs. Mind you, it controls my limbs, so perhaps it isn't such an achievement after all.

Prompt: "Bittersweet" (selected by last month's winner, Impossible Numbers)
Rating: E or T
Word limit: 150
Closing date: Saturday 21st September 2019, 11:59 pm UK time (world clock)

Please reply to this post with your entry. This makes it easier for me to keep track. Please do not leave feedback until after the closing date.

Entries are now open! Have fun! :twilightsmile:

I narrowly missed out on the deadline for the last one, so I'm making up for that by posting my entry for this round super early.

Plus, it's been a while since I could yell "First!" like an excitable pup. So... First!!! :pinkiehappy:


Trixie stares at the house, wondering if this is Starlight's idea of a joke. If it is then it's proof she's learned something from their time together, the key dangling from Trixie's mouth an elaborate, expensive prop.

She glances behind at her caravan, for encouragement or perhaps even permission. It offers nothing though, and Trixie's plea becomes a glare.

Trixie knows it was inevitable. The moment she was installed in Twilight's 'school' there was no way Starlight could continue to honour old plans and dreams. Trixie can deal with that. She's sung the melody of the road solo once, and she can do it again.

But Starlight also offered a new melody. A song that lacks legerdemain and chicanery, that offers no chances to live and love by her wits alone.

But it offers Starlight. Starlight and strong foundations.

Trixie places a hoof on the caravan and whispers soothing words.

Bittersweet, huh?

*Hearing sappy music within head*

So many choices, so many ideas I have, but can't express them because of limitations. Perhaps that's the Autism in me, or maybe it's the lack of a drive that'll keep me going. The 150 word limit isn't doing me any favors, either.

Hmm... but I think I know what needs to be said.

*Begins writing and reviews it*

..........I am such a hypocrite.

The Spark of the Flame

Pistachio plops his head on the table, "But everypony was only interested in Polomare's designs. They didn't even look twice at mine."

"The sad thing about making something new," Coco begins as she sews, "is that once you create them, they'll be overshadowed by your competition. Like a candle's flame, it battles to stay alive for ponies to witness the majestic dance it performs. But it often can be overlooked by bigger and brighter flames. With no ponies surrounding it, the flame will extinguish to the harsh winds of life. Losing its chance to rival the sun."

"Where's the joy then? Why create when hardly anypony will see them?"

Coco snaps the thread, "The only joy flames truly receive, is the warmth it gives off to ponies." levitating a small sewed hat, she places it on a worn out doll. "Even if it's just for the pony who lit it."

:trixieshiftright: Mm, might do two for this actually. That's all I'll need to bring my anthology word count up to publishable range.

Plus can't win, so rules no apply to meeeee. :rainbowwild:

Just a silly musing I thought I'd put up.

The End

The parcel awaited her upon the door mat. She scooped it up hugging it to her chest like a cherished relic. Everything was set up and ready comfy chair, snacks and finally the last piece the long awaited novel.

Soon she sat lost in a world of darkest jungle, treacherous traps and devious ponies. She rode the roller coaster of emotions through the stories peaks and troughs. Hours past the sun set it didn't matter this was an important calling. Finally the two words she dreaded arrived The End.

That was it the last ever Daring Do adventure. She couldn't wait to discuss all the wild theories and speculations with Twilight tomorrow. Plus she'd just gotten Scootaloo in to reading them now.

"What the hay"

she sniffed

"Am I crying sheesh it's just a book I got to stop being such a egghead"

She gave a false laugh as she ran a hoof over the cover.


Hold Your Head High

Having found Twilight sitting on a hill, Chrysalis dove down. "Prepare yourself!" Chrysalis screeched while charging her horn. "Don't you dare ignore me," Chrysalis snarled as Twilight paid her no mind.

"The world is ending in less than a day, so why waste it fighting?" Twilight lamented. Teleporting in front of her, Chrysalis gripped her chest fur, and yanked her uncomfortable close. Twilight's body was limp as they locked eyes.

"Your ilk has taken everything from me" -throws her to the ground- "you will not deny me! I'll be the one to defeat you not death nor armageddon," Chrysalis growled. On her side, Twilight begrudgingly considered her words. The encounter didn't make sense yet a thought began to emerge.

Perhaps this fight was her way of coping. Maybe she meant to convey that one should strive, even in the face of annihilation. Still unsure, Twilight rose to a smiling Chrysalis.

First time doing this... Should be fun.

Lost Love

Discord, for one of the only times in his life, didn’t teleport or fly.

He walked.

He carried a bouquet of flowers with him as he entered the cemetery. Daisies. Her favorite.

He walked past the graves of those who were young and old, those who died before their time and those who had lived well past their own, until finally, he stopped at one specific grave.


“Hello again, Fluttershy...” Discord said sadly, laying the flowers before her headstone. “Happy birthday... It’s been five years, but... I still miss you.”

A tear fell from his eye, happier times playing through his head.

“Heh... You’ll be happy to know Shutter is as confident as ever, and Sunbeam is doing well for himself.”

He smiled, as he mentioned them.

“I know you’d want know everything that happened...”

And he sat there, talking, for a very long while.

Whoops! Almost forgot the reply!


I know if I procrastinate any more, I'll miss another one.

So, here it is. Tada!

Laugh and Play. That's ever all he knew. From place to place he wandered, never afraid nor lost. For his guiding compass was his heart, and his mind the navigator. It was like an internal Pinkie Sense in him, honing in on the towns that needed it most.

He would go to and fro to set the world ablaze with one element of harmony: laughter.

He chuckled to himself, remembering how silly it was that all his jokes were once patented and packaged, as if joy could come in a little box.

It required more. It required a soul. 

As he tousled the grass under his hooves, his mind reeled back to that day, the day when he found his life's purpose- through that giggly pink Earth Pony.

He shed a tear. Everything felt so peaceful, but his heart was pounding as if on an amusement ride.


Not my original idea, that was way to long, so something slightly un-original...

What the Dickens?


Miss Cheerilee sighed and pushed the letter away. The axe had finally fallen, her beautiful little school was to close.

It had been the best of times, an age of enlightenment for some of the most marvellous students in a truly wonderful, if a little weird place to live, but pressure from the School of Friendship and Ponyville’s falling birth rate had prompted the review. So many mares, so few stallions as she well knows.

A troubling thought crosses the threshold of her mind. There is the CMC’s, may be it is the worst of times, an age of foolishness, an epoch of idiocy that shows no sign of abating, along with the regular monster attacks, magical disasters and some thing rampaging out of the Everfree forest.

“You know what?” Cheerilee mutters as she sits up. “That lecturing job in Baltimare is starting to look rather good!”

This is not the first time that I have pulled this stunt when the idea factory is understaffed.

Dirty Origins of Her Royal Highness McIntosh Revealed!

Honest farmponies plowed into bankruptcy spill all the beans!

Hello all! This is my first time entering, so please forgive me if I make a mistake on my first try.

Lyra writhed on the floor in agony, froth spilling from her mouth as she twisted and contorted against the pain.

Bon Bon stood over her, a grim expression chiseled into her features. "You were warned." Her voice was cold and professional, clinical even.

Lyra gasped for air. "So... dark..." she rasped.

Her friend sighed and brushed a nonexistent speck of dust from her immaculate uniform. "You have only yourself to blame for this. Sticking your muzzle in things you should have left alone."

Bon Bon stepped around the twitching mess of a pony on the floor and retrieved the discarded casing from where it had fallen. She tossed it aside in the general direction of the trash can.

"This is the last time I tell you," she grumbled as she replaced the lock on her pantry. "Don't eat my baking chocolate. I said you wouldn't like it. There's no sugar."


Neither Sugar Nor Spice, But Everything Nice

Sour Sweet fired the arrow. Hit the outer ring.

Eye twitched.

Immediately drew another. Fired. Again, hit the ring.

WHY was she FAILING!?

Only her parents watched, several yards away. Several yards from each other too. Dad cooed, raising a teacup. Mom growled, fist shaking.

Sour Sweet drew her third.

She imagined the target was Dad, with his sappy, meaningless inanities. Nice guys finished first!?

She fired.

Hit the inner ring. ARRGH! Drew her fourth.

Next, she imagined it was Mom. Screw everyone! Do anything! She wasn’t the much-despised CEO of Grindstone Technologies for nothing!

She fired.


Her own eye twitched; Dad swooned, Mom muttered, “About time.” But Sour Sweet, Daddy’s pwecious widdle angel, thanked them soooo hard!

Inside, she fought not to shoot either of them. No, she’d learn from their extremes. Their mistakes.

She fired a fifth.

Skewered the first bull’s-eye.

She’d always hit the sweet spot.


Not Alone

The gleaming gold sun atop Celestia's grave towered over the three remaining alicorns. The two flanked the grieving sister as she mourned.

"Celestia knew alicorns weren't immortal," Luna admitted amidst the silence. "Merely very long-lived."

A gentle breeze blew across the graveyard.

"And she knew that my time on the moon meant that she would outlive me by a thousand years." She hesitated. "A thousand years she spent alone."

The eldest of the alicorns smiled to the others. "I shall forever be sad to have lost my sister, but I am just as eternally thankful that she ensured I would not spend my remaining millennium without companions."

Luna embraced the other two - her sister's final gift.

Group Admin

Thank you to everyone who's entered so far. Always good to see new names on the list! For anyone else looking in, you now have just under three days before the deadline. Good luck! :twilightsmile:


Well, since I did say I couldn't win, here's illegal contestant number two. And thus we bring the story count up to publishable levels for my little anthology. Woohoo!


Some called her “No Identity”, because she left no impression.

Her big sister, Golden Harvest, called her “my baby carrot”.

The birth certificate said “Odd Job”.

Stupid name.

Unfortunately, it fit like a glove. If sis needed help tending carrots, Odd Job helped. If sis needed help cleaning the house, Odd Job had the broom. If sis needed headache pills, Odd Job kept them on standby.

She’d have preferred “Orange Juice”. “Odd Job” was what she got. All the time.

Her soul screamed, “NO!” Her little mouth droned, “Yes, sis.”

Because she had one weakness; should her big sister sway, or smile painfully, or nearly faint, she had to help. One pony couldn’t run a farm solo. Odd Job had to make her ask for help.

And the sight of her big sister swaying less, or smiling rosily, was just enough to compensate a filly for mucking in the mud.

Here's my entry.
Nepenthe Escapes

The cell is warm, but I shiver.  The door is open, but I close my eyes.  My prison meal is fresh, but I devour my heart.

Never shed I a tear.  Not when exiled from the Unseelie court, not while giving birth, and not now.

It's just the ocean.

As promised, the hallway is empty.  I swim cautiously past intersections until, finally, freedom lies ahead.

Hesitating, I turn instead, sneaking and rushing through corridors, bursting into the royal nursery.

“Nepenthe!”  He rises, and I pounce on him, gasping—not sobbing—from his embrace.  I take a final kiss.

Movement from the crib draws my melancholy, and I cut a lock from each foal’s mane.  “Feed them with tales of my folly and skill.”

He nods.  “Guards! The kelpie has escaped!”

I pause at the entrance.  Exile and the open ocean await.  “I regret not eating him.”

A kelpie doesn't belong with seaponies.

I tried turning this into a poem (shown below), but it needs work. I'm busy helping someone with a thing today, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to give it the love it needs. If I do end up finding the time, I may swap out my entry above for the updated poem before the deadline.

Shivering yet roasting in my cell,
door agape, with eyes closed, I knock down
my last meal and devour my cold heart.

Without tears—not in birth,
nor when sent from my court,
nor e’en now.  It is just the ocean.

I exit, vigilant, corridors passing by ‘til I halt.
Liberty is ahead.
Hesitant, wheeling round,
I swim down empty halls,
bounding to royalty’s nursery.

He leaps up, says my name, and I pounce,
gasping from his embrace—sobbing not.
A last kiss do I take and then look to the crib.
“Teach them well of my guilt and the joy that we shared.”

He calls out to the guards and I pause at the door.
“I regret I did not eat the prince—not this time.
Kelpie maids belong not with the fair seaponies.”

Hi, I'm another first-timer! And I'm also definitely not desperately writing this at the last second!

When Silver Sunset left Vanhoover, she remembered the piercing skyline, the endless grassy knolls, the pristine buildings.

Now an adult, she was back. As she walked past the skyscrapers and the bustling streets, her childhood wonder returned, and she thought back on better times, of grape juice every Friday and snowponies in the frosty winters.

There it was, her long-lost school. Silver broke into a gallop, eager to discover the result of a decade's passing.

It was funny, how fate worked. Met by shuttered doors and construction, Silver Sunset smiled. Instead of gleaming white, a muddy brown coated the building’s walls. Silver decided to visit her house instead.

She'd gotten bigger, and the knolls smaller. Two barbeque grills sat, separated by a single neat hedge row. Silver spent some time there, just wandering back and forth. She'd forgotten her house number, too.

She smiled. It was time to move on.

Group Admin

6976585 6976759 6982879 6985464 6986433 6986659 6987250 6989210 6989820 6992685 6993311 6998020 6999455 6999610

All right, everyone: your time is up! If I'm counting correctly, that's 14 entries this month, albeit from 13 actual writers and with 12 qualifying entries. Not a bad turnout at all! In fact, that's an academy record the highest for quite a while. :yay: I'm comprehensively knackered as I type this, so it may be a few days before I post my decision -- but it'll definitely be well before the end of the month.

Lofty Withers: since you hadn't made that swap at deadline time, I'll judge your first entry only, though of course if anyone wants to provide feedback on both then that's fine.

A notable number of first-timers this month. Was FF150 unknowingly (to me) signal-boosted or something? Anyway, and for the benefit of newcomers please bear in mind the "no marks/grades" rule...

Feedback is now open!


Don't look at me, guv. It's a complete surprise to me too.

Someone just mentioned to me. "Oh, check this out. [link]. I think you'll like it."

What this guy said (I found it from the speedwrite Discord that Jaxie's hosting, where it was mentioned by Lofty)
Also, Drider, your post number is apparently 6999699


I've mentioned it in a couple discord servers after discovering it. I think we pinned this month's contest in the FimFiction server. I'll swap it out later for next months contest or a group link.

I honestly don’t remember how I found this. Man, my memory is weird... I can remember a frustrating conversation with a story writer a few years ago, but not my information source for something three weeks ago.

At least I’m unique.

I need to remember to include a gdocs link next time so folks can drop comments there. If you happen to spot this comment before commenting on my story, you can comment in gdocs on Nepenthe Escapes.

I like the opening sentence; it establishes two characters, a location, and a conflict.
"together, the key" The bits after this comma are not grammatical. You need a verb, some parallel construction, or something else to complete this thought.
"caravan," drop the comma
'school' should be 'school,' because of rule two from these Purdue comma usage rules
I'd have preferred to hear the words she whispered, but I liked the ending sentence.

That first comma should be a period. Actually, I'd reverse this paragraph—dialogue then action—to introduce the conflict immediately. The conflict is more interesting than the action, and would hook me better. Coco's dialogue is too removed for me to really follow. Make it more concrete or more clear. The comma after "thread" should be a period. "Levitating" should be capitalized. I feel like this dialogue meandered too much before delivering a sentiment I could enjoy. Please pack more cute lines like the last one into your next story.

You're missing some punctuation in this sentence: "Everything was set up and readycomfy chair, snacks, and finally the last piecethe long awaited novel." That's two em dashes and an Oxford comma. "stories peaks" should be "story's peaks" for possessive singular. "sunset" is one word, and the punctuation in this sentence is missing; it could be punctuated a couple different ways with different meanings, and I'm not sure which meaning you're aiming for here. The next sentence reads kinda awkwardly to me, and could use some revision for flow and emotional impact. Likewise the next sentence—end a paragraph on "the last ever Daring Do adventure" or some variant thereof, so it it has more time to sink in. Then rush through the next paragraph (discuss/Twilight/Scoots) by revising to remove the periods; it will make her sound more excited. There's a missing period after "hay." You're missing uppercase and a period with "She sniffed." The crying line is missing all kinds of punctuation. Overall, nice topic. Just needs a bit of polish.

I'd start this with "Chrysalis snarled as Twilight paid her no mind." and compactify or ditch the rest. This last sentence in the paragraph is much stronger than the rest of it. The next sentence would be good too. Your use of hyphens and spaces instead of em dashes makes me weep; actually, this aside might ought to be a full sentence, as the dialogue that surrounds it is two complete sentences. "you not" needs a comma or em dash between words. "sense yet" also needs one.

While it doesn't quite sing to me like some of the other entries, I enjoyed this depiction of Twilight struggling to cope with impending, unavoidable death.

Nice hook. Not sure if it's true, but you've hooked me, so bully. I skimmed past the cemetery mention, caught the favorite daisies, circled back around and caught the cemetary, and oof—I'm sad already. "time and" is missing an Oxford comma :ajsleepy:. You don't need "sadly" because you've already set the tone; maybe ditch the speech tag entirely so I can focus on the flowers. "eye, happier" might be improved with "while" or another joiner. The "as he mentioned them" seems out of place, and the smile would be better either inline with the dialogue using em dashes or down here on it's own as just two words. "want know" is missing a "to." Trim "and" and "there" from the last sentence. I feel like you could get more impact out of this last line by changing or rearranging it; I'd try ten or more variations to find one that sings to me.

Overall, this was great. A bit more work and it'd be amazing.

"lost. For" comma here or ditch the "For." The proper use of a colon makes me happy. "required a soul" sounds a bit darker than "required soul." Doesn't look like you're going for the darker mood. Not real happy with the next paragraph (giggly); it needs something. Possibly more or less pause. I think it goes a bit further off target for the end. Drop the "Bittersweet" paragraph—needing to say it means failure, and you don't need to say it. Rearrange the "shed a tear" paragraph to emphasize the bittersweet feeling and end on a tear.

You lost me a bit at the end, but the start and middle were strong.

"fallen, her" needs to have a period instead of comma or have a conjunction after the comma. Punctuation continues to be off throughout the story. The narrative seems unfocused. I suggest you stick to one or two of these ideas next time, and explore it in more depth.

Tighter focus would have carried me through after the good hook you opened with.

Excellent subversion! Bravo.
I feel like that ending is secretly lewd and I'm not in on the joke. I was hoping for a clever subversion at the end, but I'm not sure what I actually got.
Should "gold" be "golden?" I have a hard time tracking which adjectives lose their -en endings in modern usage. Deer lord. There's no consistency. Merriam Webster seems to reject this usage, but dictionary.com accepts it. The Free Dictionary accepts "gold" as an adjective only in reference to color. :raritycry: Descriptivism is so hard sometimes. I guess it's allowed. I don't want any Académie française telling me how to write.

"across the graveyard" is very neutral here. You could ditch it without losing anything, and then use the freed word budget to add more sentiment. "her sister's final gift" is redundant to the dialogue. Move the embrace up a bit and end on the spoken sentiment. It's much stronger than the embrace or the repetition.

Nice story.

I'd have defied convention to drop the comma after "screamed" as I don't read it aloud with the comma. Sweet story.

What is this even? Lame.
So. We meet again. :ajbemused: cues Western showdown music.

"times, of grape" use a longer pause here, probably an em dash. "was, her long-lost" here too. Drop the comma after funny.

"It was time to move on." This sounds meta. Time to move on... to Coffee's write-off. Meanwhile, the rest of us languish in micro-fiction. No more. I'm coming for you. :ajsmug: See you, space cowboy.

Because I'm a rebel, I'm giving you all an "A" for being awesome. Thanks for sharing the stories, everyone. I enjoyed reading. I hope to see you all for next month's contest.

Group Admin

Since this is a general observation and not a comment on any particular entry, I think it's okay for me to mention that I try to allow for international variations in English usage when judging. For example, "I have got better at singing" (not "gotten") is the standard British form. As such, whether someone uses Oxford commas (standard US practice) or doesn't use them (standard UK practice) has no impact on my judging. If you bounce between one and the other within a single entry, though, there'd better be a really good reason! :raritywink:

(I probably ought to add a note on this somewhere -- but for now, the Q&A / Suggestions thread will serve for that sort of thing.)

I see your point about dropping the first two sentences. Thanks for bringing the improper use of hyphens to my attention, they were surpose to be dashes.


I feel like that ending is secretly lewd

What the f- !?

Wait a second. Check first. Google "hit the sweet spot" meaning:

sweet spot

A particular point, area, or range where something will be most effective or beneficial.

Rereads own character piece fic about archery and two different extreme personalities.

Removes glasses.

I don't want to appear shocked, annoyed, rude, confrontational, or in any way excessively negative, but... where the flying fish are you getting "lewd" from?

Indeed. My preferences should not influence any judging. I make no apologies for being me and thinking Oxford commas belong everywhere, but y'all should do you.

Feedback is not a command. It's not a correction of a class assignment. It's the reviewer's personal feelings. Authors should—usually—understand why feedback is being given. That's why I'll sometimes include links—to aide understanding. Then they should feel free to disregard anything and everything the reviewer has said.

English is not bound by prescriptivist rules that force us to write a certain way. As Bauhaus says,

'Cause your mornings will be brighter
Break the line
Tear up rules
Make the most of a million times no

Welcome. It's hard to tell sometimes if a hyphen is being used because of the medium or if it was intentional. I agonized a bit about pointing out any of their uses, and decided in the end it was better to provide more information and sound like a boob than less and potentially miss an opportunity to inform.

My apologies then. My statement says more about me than it does about you. It was late. The logical part of my brain was shutting down for bed. The rest of it...

It's because I expect subversions from microfiction. The rest of the story seemed played straight. I got to the end and thought ”The standard definition might apply here, but it seems to be a bit of a loose fit. No subversion above, so maybe this line is it. If subverted, it means... Nope. Got nothing. Maybe it's an over-my-head lewd thing? Deer Lord. Why am I so stupid? What am I doing with my life, trying to write when I can't even understand what a short passage really means? Whatever. I'll just expose my lack of understanding for all the world to see. Then they can better judge the value of my feedback as they point and laugh, smug with their understanding and knowing that I see the world through a lens that says everything is about—

”Think I'll die.”


It's all right, that kind of unexpected thing just catches me way off-guard. With rare exceptions, I generally restrict myself to "Everyone" territory. Even on those rare occasions I venture outside of that territory, it's usually for horror or violence. Lewdness is not something I bother with.

Group Admin

6976585 6976759 6982879 6985464 6986433 6986659 6987250 6989210 6989820 6992685 6993311 6998020 6999455 6999610

Okay, results time. This month's entries were hard to judge, and for the best possible reason: there was so much to enjoy here. Thank you to all who entered! Given the largish entry this month, I'll pick a runner-up as well as a winner. So, in reverse order...

My pick for runner-up is TheDriderPony. An amusing, well executed subversion of reader expectations. I think the last line lost just a little of its impact through too much explanation: stopping at "Don't eat my baking chocolate." and trusting the reader to get the point would have made it a bit tighter. Still made me grin, though.

The winner this month, though, is paperhearts. Lyrical and satisfying, and (to me, at least) pretty much pitch-perfect. I can entirely believe that this scene might happen -- indeed, it could be taken from the first chapter of a longer story exploring the future of these two mares. Congratulations to you. As Willy Wonka so wisely put it: You get nothing!

Actually, that's a lie. You get the chance to set the prompt for the October competition. Feel free to take a day or two to think about this if you wish, then when you're ready please post your choice in this thread. I'll put up the new contest thread on the 1st.

Story feedback remains open, should anyone wish to give their own views. :twilightsmile:


Congratulations, paperhearts! Nicely done. Now pick a good theme, mind, 'cause it'll be for the month when the show finally comes to a conclusion.

And also it'll be the month of Hallowe'en; I'll leave it to your discretion which is the most important. :trollestia:

Congrats to paperhearts! Hope to see something good for next month that’ll really send shivers down the judge’s spine. *Insert Sneaky Discord Emote*

Oh wow, that's a genuinely humbling honour indeed, given the sheer quality everybody offered up. I really enjoyed reading all of the entries! Incidentally, my personal favourite was the entry by 6989820, so it was really neat to see that get a mention.

Man, I absolutely suck at thinking up prompts, particularly when the pressure is on (*cough* 7002442 *cough*). Uhh... Cool, okay. There's a band releasing their tenth album soon who have meant so much to me at various stages of my life, and the resulting attachment I feel to them is probably on a par to what many fans of FiM feel about the show. So, combining a slightly amended song title from the former so that it better fits "the month when the show finally comes to a conclusion" gives the prompt:


Yeah, that actually works for Halloween too. I don't know what I was worried about, clearly I'm a prompt genius! :trollestia:

Hope that's okay - let me know if not and I'll do my best to scrabble up something.

Group Admin

Looks like a good 'un to me! Thanks! As usual (except when I forget) the new thread will go up on the 1st.


particularly when the pressure is on

Trust me, the only ones that should feel the pressure now is everyone here but you. After all, the monster is free again for next month and all of us are against it. Right, 6980652? :ajsmug:

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