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With Loganberry mysteriously absent, I, KwirkyJ, will your host be. This month is June, and that means there's the Longest Day (and shortest night, thanks) coming up! I'm sure we shall have the most grandest of good times together! Please find below guidelines and actual rules for this fine prompt—chosen by yours truly—of:

The Prompt: Now We're Friends (chosen by last month's winner, KwirkyJ)
Rating: E or T
Word limit: 150
Closing date: Thursday 21th June 2018, 10:55 am UK time (world clock)
Full rules

Please reply to this post with your entry. This makes it easier for my secret agents to keep track. Please do not leave feedback until after the closing date.

Keep all heads and hands inside until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Works for me! Loganberry can always adopt this thread when he gets back, I suppose. Would have been nice to have the extra week, but this way we're sticking to the normal close, at least.

And I haven't entered any of these recently, and I had an idea, so...

She glared down at them from the stairs. It was a pretty good one, her number two glare, but they continued on, oblivious.

"So I was thinking, now that we're friends... I mean, we are friends, right?"

"How could we not be? We're totally alike. We don't have cutie marks, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon drive us crazy—"

"Totally crazy."

She'd drive them totally crazy, alright.

Who needed friends, anyways, especially a bunch of blank flanks? She didn't need anypony, let alone a bunch of losers! It didn't matter that everypony was ignoring her now! It didn’t matter that her parents weren’t here! It didn't matter—

A hoof touched her shoulder.

"You want to blow this party, and go over to my place? I've got some new manga—"

Silver Spoon. She breathed out.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go."

They walked out without a glance backwards.

Several lines of dialogue directly from "Call of the Cutie", of course...

--Sweetie Belle

Mwahahaha. Witness a glimpse into my amazingly creative mind as I bestow upon you a story by which this site has never seen before. A story...

Containing no words.

It's all up to interpretation.




















Friendship Is Obligatory
“I heard you started a school of friendship, and I just dropped everything and rushed here to check it out,” Twilight cheered upon her arrival to the hive. “To be honest, you’re the last person I’d expect to do this, but I can already testify to the change. Your changelings actually gave me directions when I neared the hive instead of just trying to capture me like I expected them to.”

“Is it really that hard to believe?” Chrysalis cocked her head. “Hasn’t Thorax told you that friendship can sustain us just as well as love can?”

“Yes, I know all about that. It’s just… It’s quite a transformation for you from how you used to be.”

“Times change, and we have to adapt to them.”

“I’m glad to hear you embraced friendship as your way of life,” Twilight smiled.

"Indeed, I have it all figured it out. And this is the time I get to make another friend." Chrysalis lifted a foreleg. “ Bump my hoof as the sign of our friendship or else!”

“Or else?” Twilight took a step back. “What do you mean, or else?”

Chrysalis looked back at her army of drones. “My friends, we seem to have a defiler in our midst. Bring forth the friendship cocoon.”

“That's not how you make friends, Chrysalis!” Twilight look about at the changelings who surrounded her.

“You have your metods, and I have mine. I insist that you become friends with me right now! I won’t take no for an answer.” The Queen lit up her horn and approached the princess. “ We’ll make you our friend yet!”

He is on holiday in the Scottish highlands.

I wish I was on holiday in the Scottish highlands...

--Sweetie Belle

Tis the season of the midget, may be a bit latter in the year for me

I am not eligible to "win", but I wanted to try something anyway. This is far, far sillier than could have I imagined a couple weeks ago... I regret nothing!

Disaster-Forged, by KwirkyJ

The three youths were abuzz as they burst into Sugarcube Corner.

"That was amazing!" cried Pericardium, shedding his sheepdog disguise.

"Hey," said Pound Cake, "I'll get us some snacks before the herd!"

"We'll find a booth!"

Pound disappeared into the kitchen, and the remaining two played a laughing game of catch-a-can as they decided where to sit.

There was a certain kind of bond that comes from surviving a maelstrom of machine-cut lumber. And, although the culprit had not been found, they were all excited for the team- and character- and town-rebuilding to come.

Pound returned a heaping tray of confections. "I know we all just met, but we're friends now, right?"

"How could we not be!" trilled Pericardium. "We're all survivors!"

"we're all sentient, biological life-forms," intoned a very happy Tree Thousand.

"And we all like ice cream!"

They dug in, and it was good.

I fear that a picture is worth a thousand words, and you have not one but eighteen pictures there… That would put you (does math) well over one hundred times the allowable word count, now wouldn't it? Are you sure you wish to proceed? :trollestia:

Silence is golden, so I'm keeping silent to win the gold.

Sometimes if you wanna win, you gotta do something utterly and completely stupid.


Huh. I wondered why Logan didn't post before going away, but I guess it was just busyness elsewhere. I know travelling can be a hassle.

Speaking of hassle... here's a character unintentionally causing it in the name of fun! And no, it's not Pinkie. Although I am breaking my usual habit of going for obscure or less familiar background characters, and instead have gone back to Main 6 cast members. Also, I'm now one flashfic away from Volume Two of my anthology. Can't wait for lucky number seven!

Your Kind and Honest Opinion

Fluttershy drew a card from the deck, squinting. “‘Now We’re Friends.’”

“Uh huh,” said Twilight.

“‘Advance one step along Friendship Trail.’” Fluttershy confronted the board. “Well, I’ve been… ‘Unkind’, so this is… square one.”

“Now we’re friends again! Yeah!”

Fluttershy groaned. Birdsong. Sunlit window: she could’ve been outside.

Applejack drew. “This card says Ah lied and gotta go back one step? What? Ah’d never!”

“Don’t worry.” Twilight checked her hoofmade rulebook. “If you play a Redemption card later, you’re redeemed any lost steps.”

Fluttershy peeked. “But ‘Dishonesty’ beats ‘Redemption’ and she loses three turns.”

Applejack sighed at the board stretching out the window. “Why’s this trail one thousand steps again?”

“It’s realistic!” said Twilight. “Friendships are complex and take time; I worked all night perfecting rules, psychological underpinning, didactic theory…”

“Sorry, Twilight.” Applejack winced. “You mean well, but…”

Fluttershy grimaced. “…we just don’t see ‘Friendship: The Board Game’ catching on.”

Group Admin

Hi everyone! I'm absolutely fine, and I have no illness to report but my own forgetfulness. I really do apologise; I meant to put the thread up on the 1st, but it just slipped my mind. As Somerset Cider said, I was indeed on holiday, but as I left on the 2nd I could have posted the thread first.

Of course, I'm more than happy for this thread to continue now, and thank you to KwirkyJ for filling in. :yay:


Welcome back, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday up north. :pinkiesmile:

Glad to see you back, hopefully refreshed and invigorated from your adventures in foreign climes.

And here is my entry....


Daring the Weather

“Now that we are friends, do you think you can help me?”

“I work alone.”

“I’ve heard that statement before, but doesn’t a true, true friend help a friend in need?.”

“Yeh. Don’t you dare start singing!”


“Never mind, I still work alone.”

“If I can get the hang of weather control, it’s going to help improve my flying, yes?”


“And maybe I wont injure my wings so often if they are stronger?”


“It is your field of expertise and I am your student.”

“Yeh.” Rainbow Dash flared her wings, slowing to a hover as she turned to face her companion with a look of resignation. "Ok, we’ll try again. Please don’t blast another tornado through Sweet Apple Acres, AJ is still pissed at me.”

Daring Do tipped her pith helmet forward to a rakish angle as sly grin spread across her face. “Lets do this!”

Hmm, I should really write something for this...


”So, what, we’re just... best friends now?”

“Well, of course we are, Rainbow. Why wouldn’t we be friends with her?”

“Oh, I don’t know Pinks, maybe 'cause we’ve known her less than a day?”

"So? Who's to say friends can't be made in a day?"

"Pinkie, a mysterious mare shows up just in time for Nightmare Moon to become real, somehow knew about her return, and exactly how to stop her. Doesn't that seem at least a little suspicious to you?"

"Oh, Dashie. Twilight explained all of that. Everything she knew came from books available to the public. All it took was somepony putting it together, and it happened to be her. It's pure coincidence."

"There's no such thing as coincidence, Pinkie. You know that. Everything worked out too well."

"I know it's hard for you, Rainbow. But give her a shot. Trust me."

"Yeah, ok. I trust you."

Seemed like an idea. Not sure yet how much I like it, but... it’s there.

Officially, this is not another entry, because I already have my one in (and, again, I'm ineligible to begin with). However, this is something I really wanted to explore: "Now We're Friends" implies not only the beginning of a friendship, but also that a current friendship might not be so in the future. With that in mind, I played a little fast and loose with the canon to put this together. This isn't self-contained, by any means, but I'm guessing everyone here is familiar with events through Season 3.

Twin Shadows, by KwirkyJ

Celestia looked anxious, he thought.

She spoke almost immediately: "You were in there a long time…"

"Yes," he said. "Luna and I spoke."

"She actually talked with thee, then?"

"As though I were Starswirl himself! Magic, theory, and more magic! I had no idea… The power a single pony is capable—"

"Anything about me?"

"We… Yes," He answered cautiously. "You did come up."

Desperately, "And?"

"Luna trusted me to keep her confidence." He continued over her burgeoning interruption. "Were your two situations reversed…"

She re-centered herself. "Yes. Yes, of course I'd desire… expect your silence. I simply wish to know what is wrong!"

"Have you tried asking her, yourself?"

"Of course I have!"

"Have you?"

"I just said I…"Celestia reigned herself in. Nearly pleading, she continued, "Will… Sombra, will she see me, then?"

A wry chuckle. "Everywhere." Sombra shook his head gently. "Everywhere."

Almost forgot again this month. Well, here we go. 150 words, and I'm surprised nobody's taken this angle yet.

House Guest

Spoiled Rich rushed to the kitchen with that horrible pounding outside. DIscord, he’d made Ponyville his plaything—Filthy insisted, get to their lake home, take Diamond Tiara, now!

But chaos had leaked everywhere, unchecked outside of town, and other beings had noticed. Discord’s plaything would be preferable.

Every night.

Another pounding rocked the house, and through the shutters, a faded memory of oily, lurching movement.

“Let me in,” scraped on metal inside her head. It always made Diamond cry, but she was strong, safe, hidden. She would resist.

It had to be invited. Somehow she knew. But as she cowered under the table, keeping its attention on her and not her dear Diamond, the pounding stopped, and a glacier of silence crept over her. Then a window sash sliding upstairs.


Soft hoofsteps. Diamond walked in, her head canted far sideways, teeth clenched in a grin, eyes gleaming. “We’re friends now.”


I'm Princess Luna and We're glad you could play
Hello, I'm Nightmare Moon, and it is already day
For all the stories We say, thank you a lot!
But you must know that still open submissions are not!
You can leave feedback (or don't)
We'll let you all know (We can't)
Who this week's winner (We won't)
Wait, no, that's Logan's job (what's wrong with Our liiife!)

Erm, yes. As… they...? said, submissions are now closed, but feedback is open! Thank you for your many stories, and there will be a post announcing this month's CHAMPION winner in a few days.


Ah, I see the Flashfic group is under new management. Such a subtle and cunning plan. Why, I'll bet the Scottish holiday of Loganberry's was really your idea, wasn't it now...? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Group Admin

6465547 6465554 6465555 6465675 6466140 6467990 6474716 6479854

I am pleased to say that the attempted coup has been put down and a Government of National Unity (which is to say, me) has now been installed. Remain calm and go about your normal business, citizens.

More seriously, it appears that I am still supposed to be judging this month's contest, despite its... unusual features. So, the announcement will be made on or before Monday. Thank you as ever to all entrants, and a special thank you to KwirkyJ. :yay:

Feedback is now open!

KwirkyJ supposes!

6465547 Friendship by SweetAI Belle
I like where you're going with this one, but I think there's a bit too much on the setup—watching the to-be-CMCs—that we the reader don't know what kind of emotional resonance to have with Diamond Tiara when she agrees to hang out. The image I'm partial to, that doesn't really fit, is in the vein of Princess Vespa, when she shoots up the guards outside the Spaceball prison, tosses her hair, and announces, "Let's blow this joint."
P.S., how did you get the title to kind of "insert" itself like that? I like the effect, but don't know how to mimc it. …Asking for a friend.

6465554 , by Amereep
Oh! Oh, I know! I know! I know I know I know! Wait, wait I know… I know… Wait I know… Oh! Oh oh oh I know!
It's cute how Rainbow Dash knows Fluttershy so well; that Rainbow can reign herself back enough and put just the right spin to things as to pull Fluttershy out of her shell like that.

6465555 Friendship Is Obligatory, by Bad Dragon
I do like this one, but I can't decide if it's a comedy or not… If it's Chrysalis just springing a trap, well, okay. However, if this is Chrysalis comically missing the point, what fun! You'd probably need to revise a bit (or add fifty or so words?) to really pin down one or the other, though?

6465675 Disaster-Forged, by KwirkyJ
You ripped off Sherclop Pones, and you didn't even fix your technical flubs. No treat.

6466140 Your Kind and Honest Opinion, by Impossible Numbers
This one is pleasantly silly: a fun little atmosphere piece. Now, is it for the better or worse that she wasn't playtesting her Secret Shipfic Folder? :twilightoops:

6467990 Daring the Weather, by Somerset Cider
The voices are similar enough and the names attached late enough that I had a really difficult time following who is speaking. I'm also having some difficulty reconciling what is established to have happened (weather misuse) with Daring's request, unless she was trying things on her own beforehoof… but if that were the case, I'm guessing that there was another conversation that we don't see, that (to me, at least) might have been even more interesting.

6474716 Friends?, by Matthewl419
Yeah, it's there… It doesn't really add anything to what we've seen before, and it all leads up to trusting a known friend.

6477642 Twin Shadows, by KwirkyJ
Darkness! Give me darkness!
What do you want?
-- actual dialogue excerpted from the pre-fight taunts in Soul Calibur IV

6479854 House Guest, by Pascoite
Oh. Oh!. Ohhhh.
I had to re-read this a few times to make sure I understood the setup properly. Now that I have, gosh that's creepy.
As intimated above, if you had more latitude I would say to establish the setting and/or threat a little better. As is, it feels rather out of line with what we saw Discord do during his day (and night and day and night, and so on) of chaos.

I'm not sure I get your point about this being out of line with what Discord did. The story says he'd concentrated on Ponyville, but his chaos had affected regions outside of town as well, where other nastier beings took notice of the power vacuum and stepped in to have their own brand of fun. No, Discord wouldn't be so malicious as to do these things to Spoiled Rich and Diamond Tiara, but it's not him doing it. Or do you feel it was unjustified to say Discord limited his attention to Ponyville?

Ah, I misunderstood. I got hung up on Discord as the agent behind the thing. This is some new nasty. That makes more sense, but it is difficult to pick out from the text. I get why you want to bring in Discord's reign for context, though, so it's a really tough balance with the word ceiling you're working with.

Ah, okay. I'd tried to cover all that in this bit:

Spoiled Rich rushed to the kitchen with that horrible pounding outside. DIscord, he’d made Ponyville his plaything—Filthy insisted, get to their lake home, take Diamond Tiara, now!

But chaos had leaked everywhere, unchecked outside of town, and other beings had noticed. Discord’s plaything would be preferable.

I'm trying to imply Filthy told his family to get out since Discord was only messing around with Ponyville, but that Discord had an inadvertent effect everywhere else, too, but since he wasn't paying attention out there, other things moved in to take his place, and Spoiled might have preferred staying in Ponyville, plus Spoiled's use of "it" over "he." But that is quite a bit to unpack from a couple sentences.

Now I'm trying to remember why I thought Discord was necessary to the story. Really, it served three purposes. One, so that these "other things" would have a reason to suddenly become active, two, so that everyone would be tied up and unable to help Spoiled off in her secluded area, and three, so that Filthy would assume no news was good news from his family.

But yeah, it's really hard to gauge what readers will be able to infer. This might be worth expanding so I can cover that material better.

This was cute, but initially confusing. When you use a pronoun before naming what it's supposed to refer to, then the natural assumption will be to latch onto the next character who does something or gets named. So when you start with "she," I'm going to assume the first bit of dialogue is this character speaking, and it's not until I got halfway through the story that I realized it wasn't. So you had me thinking there was some new character who hated Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon but who was also ridiculing the CMCs for being blank flanks, and I had to piece it together. Just change that first "she" to Diamond Tiara, and it fixes all that. Unless you were trying to withhold her identity for some dramatic reveal, but it didn't seem so. In any case, a nice little moment showing that even Diamond Tiara needs a friend, so there's actually a character arc packed in here. Pretty good!

I... I guess? I mean, it's a clever gimmick, but I don't know what actually happened. Dash yelled at her, then felt bad about it, and goofed off to cheer her up?

I think there are the seeds of something cool here, but I'm left with too many questions about why this would happen. If Twilight's only going on something she's heard, why is she willing to go there alone? It's not like Chrysalis made that a condition of agreeing to meet, and even if she had, that would arouse more suspicions. It's unclear whether this was all a setup to capture Twilight specifically, too. Or, as Kwirky suggests, if this is a comically inept Chrysalis, then double down on the humor and just go for ridiculous.


This is one of those stories that makes me laugh even though I don't understand what I'm laughing at.

So you start with three characters, and one is apparently a changeling (with a new high in being named after body parts), and another is Pound. This naturally raises the question of where Pumpkin is, so everyone's going to assume she's the third character, and then we later find out she isn't, so it re-raises the question of where she is. I can't tell whether the "culprit hasn't been found" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to these three having perpetrated it, but I tend to think so, even so far as them deliberately wanting to cause that rebuilding camaraderie. Plus with that third character's name, it sure makes him sound apt to spew lumber. It's a special kind of story that can make me laugh without knowing why.

This was cute, and while I don't understand most of the rules Twilight is explaining, I suppose this puts me in the same situation as most of the other characters. It's not really necessary, though, as this is driven by the concept and interactions, and it is a nice little in-character moment for all of them. Some people might complain that Dash, Pinkie, and Rarity never got parts, but really, in a fic this short, even three characters is pushing it. Unless the three we see are the only ones playing the game?

I'm not sure withholding the reveal of who's speaking does this story any favors. It also had me confused. In a story this small, you can't help seeing the whole thing at once, so I'd already noticed Daring Do down there, and I was sure she must be the one declaring that she works alone, only to find out she wasn't. So I also had much of the dialogue backward until about halfway through.

After that, though, it was a cute interaction, but I do have to wonder why Daring is taking such an interest in weather. Of all the ways to strengthen her wings, why is she so focused on that one? It sounds like she finds certain parts of it fun, but the parts Dash won't let her keep doing, so I don't know what she's getting out of it.

This is like the setup for a good story, but ultimately, I'd like to see Dash having to deal with her suspicions instead of just having Pinkie quickly convince her to give them up. Even tracing that conspiracy back to Celestia, which is pretty much the truth, would be interesting, since the show barely touched on acknowledging it.

Hm. Sombra sure seems to be actively undermining Celestia already, so it doesn't seem like they're friends even now. Celestia's treating him like one, I suppose, but then the theme must refer to Celestia's perception of it only. Unless it's referring to Sombra's relationship with Luna. It took me another read-through to piece everything together, but it does add an interesting dynamic to what we know of history. Luna would have already started becoming distrustful of Celestia before helping her defeat Sombra, which also means she should have been cognizant of his efforts to sabotage them, yet she fell prey to it anyway. There's a lot of world-building that could come from this.

You know, one of the troubles I had with this one was that while an idea leapt into my head almost immediately, it meant quoting 37 words of dialogue from the show, which I couldn't then do any trimming down on, so, yeah, I'm not too surprised it dwelled on the first section a little too much.

I'm personally figuring she'd have bitten anypony else's head off right there, but because it was Silver Spoon, she was willing to go along with it, and let her snap her out of the mood she was getting into.

And the way you do those titles is instead of doing {quote}text{/quote}, you do {quote=whatever}text{/quote}.

I can see your point, but "Diamond Tiara" is two words, and "she" is one. :unsuresweetie:

I actually do find balancing when to use names verses she/he and descriptions tricky sometimes. Especially since "she" usually could be almost all the characters in a scene.

It is a moment that I think would have been nice to have a little focus on. I actually went back to the episode on this one, and looked to see where we last saw Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon before the CMC meeting, and it was the stairs.

Filling in missing scenes is something I'd like to see more of. I remember reading a Harry Potter fanfic a long time ago called "Realizations" that had a great missing scene between Arthur Weasley and Percy, showing their alienation from each other at the ministry of magic...

Diamond definitely needs friends. This did basically originate because when I saw the prompt "now we're friends", that Apple Bloom line was absolutely the first thing that popped into my head.

It's a moment that could use more explanation, though. Why weren't Diamond's parents there? I suppose they hadn't been written yet, but for an important event like that, they should've been.

Of course, Diamond does get the short end of things. A whole verse she sung was cut out of the song "We'll Make Our Mark", and it was the best verse of the song!

--Sweetie Belle

Group Admin

6465547 6465554 6465555 6465675 6466140 6467990 6474716 6479854

Okay, everyone. Results post time! A really interesting batch of stories this month, with nice variation in how people approached the prompt. You're all great. However, I'm going to give it to Amereep. I doubt that this zero-word "story" will have been to everyone's taste, but it really made me smile, especially as it reminded me of the characters (Dash especially) from a few seasons ago. In particular, I thought back to "Hurricane Fluttershy", and as that just happens to be my all-time favourite episode it didn't do Amereep's entry any harm. A nice way of subverting the prompt, too -- though I strongly suspect it's one of those subversions that will only work on me once.

So, congratulations to you, Amereep! Normal procedure now: please think of a prompt for the July round, and then post it in this thread. :twilightsmile:




Well there's a few prompts I've considered over the months and I find it quite hilarious on one of them; considering that my story was testing the reader's interpretation. Next month, how about...

What were you thinking?

Group Admin

That's a solid-looking prompt, so accepted! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I believe this is the first time I've ever had a downvote on my results post. :trollestia: I can't say I'm entirely surprised, as I've seen it happen in other contests with rules-subverting winners. I stand by my choice, however! Just don't imagine I'll make it a trend. :raritywink:

I call hacks and mods.....

But actually, congrats on winning, mate!


July's contest is on, isn't it? :rainbowhuh:

Group Admin

Yes! I've done it again. :S Thread going up in the next few minutes. Sorry!

Edit: the July thread is now up.


I believe this is the first time I've ever had a downvote on my results post.

It wasn't I who gave a thumb in either direction, but on top of subverting expectations and declaring the winner on novelty and association with a favored episode, you also broke convention by providing no honorable mention(s) nor any heed whatever of the other, written responses.

Group Admin

Me, April 2017: "I don't intend to review every piece entered, though I'll certainly mention why I chose the winner and maybe pick out one or two other entries that caught my eye." Note "maybe" -- there have been a number of months when no hon menshes have been picked, usually those with smallish entry numbers, so I'm not sure "convention" is entirely accurate.

I don't see any particular problem with the rest. I chose Amereep's entry primarily because it made me smile, and that's a good enough reason in itself. Its sheer audacity was a smaller factor. Yes, the fact that it made me think of an episode I love didn't hurt it -- but I am not and have never claimed to be a machine. An entry making more than very incidental use of toilet humour would be less likely to win, also on the grounds that I personally don't like it much.

As with my own stories, though, I have no problem with downvotes. People are certainly entitled to dislike what I do or say. I just wish downvoters would explain them.

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