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~Yo, yo!~ *beat* -_-; I can't believe I did that. Anyway, this is a group for diehard Zoids fans, by a Zoids fan, ONLY for Zoids stories. As this is Fimfiction, it obviously must include MLP and MLP related characters. Anything goes, except things that disturb me. (Not sure if that means I should label this NSFW or not) The number one rule of this site is tolerance, understanding, and friendship so anyone caught being an arse for what seems to be no reason will be given a suspension from this group, meaning they are not allowed to interact with this group in any way until the suspension is lifted.

Suspension rules:
Anyone caught breaking a rule of the site, or being mean/cruel to another member with no reason behind it will be given one days suspension, which will increase if the same behavior occurs after the suspension is lifted or they interact with the group while the suspension is still in effect. Stories belonging to the member are not counted as interacting with the group so updating your stories, reading another author's stories, and interacting at either place is fair game. If the suspension exceeds one year I must kindly request for said person to leave the group

Amount of time for suspensions:
First suspension: One Day
Increases a single day for each break of the rules until it reaches one week.
Seventh suspension: One week
Here it will be increased one WEEK for each rule break
Tenth suspension: One month
Same for the week-long suspensions each rule break from here on will increase one month until it reaches a year. After the year suspension is given and the rule breaking and/or cruelty continues then you must leave.

Thank you for your time, I shall repost this in the rule forum so you have no reason for not knowing the rules.

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