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With Trump now president of the US, and several people lined up for the 2020 election, I'm honestly not gonna be surprised literally anyone can be president.

So why not us, the Bronies? We've got a massive hater in the White House insulting people left and right, so why not fix it all in 2020 with some good ol' love and tolerance?

Let's talk Bronies 2020! :pinkiehappy:

I should seriously stop doing stuff like this late at night. I'll be very surprised if anything ever happens in this group.

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You know, we could make a country ourselves, dedicated only on bronies.

I think the big question is, will Trump make it 2020? He's already aliennating most of his supporters, his only line of defense is the GOP and even then they seem to be drawing a line on Russia. Depending on how the 2018 mid-term elections pan out, Trump may be out of office before 2020, though that still means we'd be stuck with Mike Pence.

This makes me kek so hard.

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