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Welcome to the Final Fantasy Group.

This is a group for all Final Fantasy related content. Any stories with content originally specific to Final Fantasy can be added to this group in the related folder. This also stands for sending a pony to FF, or an FF character, or monster/other, to Equestria. Should it not pertain to any of the folders, place it in general.

Forums are free for Final Fantasy related content specifically, though MLP is available due to site.

1.) One promotion per story, if it is discovered you have promoted your story as a thread more than once, you will be warned and both threads will be deleted.
2.) Any discussions are allowed, aside from discussions on small things that are NSFW or just pointlessly discussed, such as who has the best arse in FFXV. Its totally Ignis.

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So does the Final Fantasy X folder include X-2? Cause I've got a story on going that's a crossover with both.

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