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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is a group for those of us readers and writers that are thoroughly annoyed by the rampant problem of not fitting in totally with one particular political ideology or another. I'm not one to complain, but it is fairly obvious that on the internet, there do not seem to be very many people with political views taken from both ends of the political spectrum.

It's also not limited to Fimfiction. When you go to forums of either camp and express a single opinion that doesn't quite square with their entire platform, and you wind up with people suggesting you kill yourself, you know there is a problem. Because God help you if you might have some views that are typically conservative and others that are liberal, and think talking politics in a civilised manner, without whining and shaming people for dissenting from one extreme or the other, is a normal way to do things. You just need to pick a damn side and assimilate already, gosh, is that so hard?

Quite simply, this is annoying. Thus, the name of the group. "Political" refers to how this is largely an issue specifically dealing with talking about politics, and the problems ran into when engaging with the hardcore types on either side. "Moderates" because that is exactly what people who hold views and opinions between or taken from both sides are. "Authors" because, well, seeing as this is a fiction website, most of us are authors, aren't we?

Any rules here should be fairly obvious. Trolls will be banned. Reasonable discussion is permitted. And most importantly, don't be a dick.

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