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Canterlot University Library, Arcana Wing 7:32 PM
< > Translated from Ancient Celtic

After cleaning up the mess of what amounted to a massive expelling of tainted ectoplasm on my part I came to the obvious conclusion of two things. One, I could interpret the information given to me by the Al-Azif (Necronomicon) itself efficiently, another was that I actually survived and I am not the worse for wear in the face of processing strange and unnatural Ethers through my body, something that should have either melted me flesh or caused me to explode in steaming chunks of bloody flesh bones and entrails. Or, probably worse, mutate me into something so far beyond understanding that I wouldn’t be recognizable and at the sametime with a mind that is nothing like my own.

I sat smoking a Jade Dragon cigarette while leaning onto one of the chained shelves; I could feel the odd power from them, but it was inoffensive as long as I didn't break any of the chains. I also contemplated the information given to me. First was the Al-Azif, one of the original copies of the Necronomicon itself; it had a mind of its own, not equine, but it was very much alive. Second, it gave me specific knowledge of something it called The King in Yellow, an entity living in a hidden away realm called Carcosa among the stars, a manifestation of a god called Hastur that resides in a distant world in the Taurus constellation, longing to come to our own world to settle a dispute with its ‘half-brother’ that is located underneath the deepest ocean of this of the planet.

Ya all heard me. Life among the stars in other worlds exists, has already been here long before our existence, and they have their own gods that have interests here.

Fuck our lives right?

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