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I've been wondering; how does everybody feel about the ponies' perception of what constitutes as "evil" or not? Because I, personally, find it to be a bit skewed and even biased at times.


What's one of the biggest instances you can think of?


Really? Can I ask why out of curiosity's sake?

I don't think they believe anything is evil. And quite honestly I think that having no line is one of their biggest problems. They're willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt as soon as they throw out some sob-story.

Maybe not "evil" per se, but the fact that Twilight forgave Starlight yet was willing to distrust Trixie for less than what Starlight did.


Yet, how many times can you say this applies to creatures that aren't ponies? Hell, the only time I can think of them not caring about whatever caused another being to turn down the path of "evil" was Trixie. And that was mostly due to the Mane Six being so up their own asses, they just saw Trixie as "the mare that messed with their friends" and didn't stop to think about the damage they'd done to her and her career.

Which also ties into what 6277964 said about how Twilight was willing to forgive Starlight and still hold harsh feelings to Trixie. I mean, she even offered Fizzlepop Berrytwist friendship after she enslaved her entire country and turned her fellow princesses into obsidian! It's not fair that Trixie isn't allowed the same level of trust when her only real offense was enslaving Ponyville. And no, I don't count her "boasting during her own show" as an offense....

Yeah. I remember both Twilight and Trixie being major dicks in that episode. What with Twilight basically not trusting Starlight with Trixie and Trixie using Starlight just to "win" at something.

Basically, I see their perception of evil to be similar to the internet. If someone or something doesn't agree with them, then that must mean that they are a truly evil monster who will stop at nothing to rule the world and spread their different and unique ways. So brilliant.

If you read "Trial", it was pointed out that it was her job to boast.

Another thing I wanted to bring up is Discord isn't a pony even his evil was less than Starlight.

Exactly! Yet because Starlight was a pony who's whole problem centered around "friendship", she gets let off the hook without so much as a slap on the hoof.

Also, could you give me a link to that "Trial" fic you were talking about?

Did Trixie ever get some sobstory backstory? If not, that's probably why.


But she did get one after her first visit to Ponyville. It was completely ignored if I'm remembering correctly....

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