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I'm quite interested in what people will say, but which ponies do you sincerely want to see face the grey spectrum of morality?

Ooh that's a tough one. Ok I lied. The Mane Six, the Princesses, and Shining Armor


My Rarity's already faced it -- and come out stronger. And Fabulous.

5949158 Let's send Twilight to Antarctica to meet the Elder Things and a Shoggoth. Then let's have her tour the town of Innsmouth. And finally let's have her go Wall Street. That should get the message across. :rainbowwild:


The version of her in the Shadow Wars Story Verse.

Well Rarity is already starting to realize she and sweet belle are growing apart in cannon. It may be Rainbow's turn this Saturday. Pinkie has already learned it. That leaves:

Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack needs to get a reality check and Apple Bloom has to be the one to deliver it. I am thinking along the lines where both Big Mac and Applejack are injured in a farming accident and it's the main Apple Harvest that most of Equestria depends on. With applejack overprotectiveness and stubbornness she would refuse Apple Bloom anyway.

But when Applejack is asleep Apple Bloom and her friends and others who they help out helps her out and get everything done in a single night.

Apple Bloom should deliver this line. I am not a filly anymore but to harshly causing Applejack to run off. It will be Rarity to comfort Applejack doing a reverse of sisterhooves social.

5949359 How small is Equestria that a single Fruit Orchard would provide for all of it?

5949383 well would you say California is small next to France, Germany or even Texas? If yes did you know that 65% of products produced in the USA comes from California. We have only seen two Apple orchard. The one in Apple loosa and sweet Apple arces. Which one is bigger? It's sweet Apple arces of course so that means a fair amount comes from it. So ponyville and canterlot could get effected by a shortage. Everyone always underestimates the power the Apple family has

5949158 "face reality" as in human reality, I assume?
5949476 However, the extended Apple Family itself is quite large, and most of them don't live in either Apploosa or Ponyville, so those two locations alone aren't solely responsible for apples in Equestria, even if the Apple Family itself made all the apples in Equestria.

5949160 Yeah, this, and pretty much all the main characters.

5949158 The entire main cast. Mostly cuz they live in their perfect world and would be interesting to see their reactions to how reality really works and all.


Yeah, it'd be good for them to get a nice dose of realism. Though, I would especially enjoy a scenario that made them realize that this way of thinking is not only hurtful to them, but hurtful to those around them.

Twilight, Starlight Glimmer, Princess Celestia...

The whole "it's ok because none of the characters are 'human'" shtick doesn't really carry as much weight


Is that a serious argument people use to excuse how the ponies see things in a pure black and white light? Christ alive, I get that they’re cute, but come on.... :ajbemused:

I can't say for sure but it seems like something the Ponies would say


Starlight Glimmer? I’ll admit she wasn’t one of the main ponies I thought of when I first made that thread. Can I ask where you’re coming from with her? I have a rough guess, but I wanted to hear it from you first.

She needs to realize that the world should not revolve and cater to her every whim. And that she can't keep coasting through life and expect everything to work out for her without any effort on her part. To me, at least, she needs to learn to grow the fuck up.


Ah, I see. Yes, that is one of the things she is in severe need of learning. Another would be that not everyone is going to forgive you when you use your magic on them without regard to their safety or feelings on the matter. Brainwashing five of the Mane Six, switching her rulers cutiemarks without their consent, turning herself and the friend who made her go batshit crazy into foals....without his consent.

Starlight needs that healthy, healthy dose of realism that can only come from a punch to the face, being screamed at and/or going to jail. Because the reason she still does shit like that is because no one punishes her whenever she pulls this abuse of power. Twilight acknowledges that she “tends to overdo it” in “Uncommon Bond”; if you acknowledge and are aware of that, why haven’t you done anything about it, Twilight?

Because Twilight's a tool, that's why.

I keep hearing the phrase but I don't know what it means.


Turns out it has more than one slang meaning. The one I'm using is basically slang for "jerk"

Actually Celestia herself said that in "How many friends have you made today?"


Really? Can I get that quote?

I don't know how much you want so I'll just go with

But we are not human.

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