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Wow, I can't believe 10 people already joined this group! Well, I suppose we could start things off with: what made you want to join it? Does the way Equestria see things seem to rub you the wrong way as well? Or is there another reason?

Equestria is a little naive and narrow-minded at times, yes. Also, I wanted to join a group of liked-minded people, and hopefully in time, find some stories that fit this particular theme. It's always cathartic to see Celestia and her Little Ponies being forced to come to terms with such ideas as "how the world is not so black and white".

5842406 I joined because I know that having a Black and White mindset is a sign of insanity. While my stories are are made on the Grey and Black Morality spectrum of things though.


It is more than a little satisfying to see ponies face the facts that, when it comes to things like morality, there isn't always going to be a straight line to the right solution. And it's not always going to go in their favor.

And thank you for sharing your stories with the group! I, myself, have a little trouble finding stories that fit the criteria, so I'm glad that we have something to read.

Nice to be here. I think I have a few good stories in mind, but they aren't mine. May I still add them?

As for why I joined, I like a healthy dose of realism in my stories; and we all know reality is never black and white.


Of course you can add stories that aren't your own! So long as you don't try to masquerade them as your own, I don't mind.

5842406 My personal reasons are obvious, but if there's the same kind of extremism in Equestria, seeing things as one extreme or another, there may be things I have never considered nor seen. It might be interesting to take another look and see what I missed, if anything.

5842406 Well I've always been a fan of grey characters. The characters who aren't completely good but aren't completely bad either. I feel Equestria, as well as MLP as a show entirely, is tying a little too hard with the whole "good vs bad" theme. The only stories that I can think of that make good vs evil stories enjoyable are that of Disney, i feel like MLP is trying too hard to be Disney, with cliched villians, musical numbers, and obvious morals that we've seen before.

I really like grey character because it shows that they don't belong to any side, it makes them feel more realistic and human, because no one is perfect. I guess that's why I like Starlight more than Twilight, she's a little bit of bad and good. I mean, it's pretty interesting for a character to befriend Twilight's greatest rival like that. Plus, i feel as though Equestria has this thing where they'll be like, "If you don't be perfectly good than you're entirely evil," or something. Because every character has at least one bad quality to them.

5842406 I'm something of a fan of stories of complex morality; imperfect solutions and compromise are things we must deal with, and how a character deals with them is a prime source of drama. By the same token, antagonists in the real world are often - but not always - simply people doing what they think is right; most villains don't cast themselves as villains.

Beyond that, I just happen to have a pile of such stories on hand. Hope you don't mind me quadrupling the archive size. :trollestia:

5842406 A little late for this, but the reason (s) I joined was the whole "friendship" business. Like controlling who gets to be friends is good and anybody who befriends something like a Changeling is evil. Then there's the whole "Is worth it to control how somepony learns something?"

I'm hoping to see a few fics (mainly because I don't have enough time to write them myself) where:

Discord saying that he is called out for manipulating events and Twilight isn't.

A human tells off/calls out (there's a difference to me) the ponies for their hypocrisy, thus making them question if their methods are... I need to think about a phrase for a minute.

Believe it or not, I read a HIAE fic (Human In Anthro Equestria) where the human tells Rainbow that Discord wouldn't have betrayed them if they had given him a chance.

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