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Hear me out... A Gamer fic, but instead of same vaguely explained and JRPG system it's Runescape? I can up with this idea just yesterday after getting said MMO for the first time

The protagonist is some random Earth Pony, someone whose only desire is to live a stress less life. But he lives in Ponyville, home of six of Equestria's most important mares and constant magnet for disastrous events. And now he has floating screens cluttering his vision and almost everyone is speaking with bright yellow text above their heads.

Would be a not so serious comedy, unless I can somehow turn a Pony with a Runescape take on reality into something serious. Starting off with the main character just trying to ignore these screens or assuming he's gone some degree of mad, before reluctantly attempting one of the skills. The it going into mostly unrelates chapters of him being compelled to grind out or train these skills and the humorous effects it has on the town.

Trying to decide if it goes beyond just his screens, like should horde of indefinitely respawning goblins just appear out side of town? Should ponies acknowledge seeing him telepathically swinging an axe and chopping down a tree in a few fits without any form of magic? Do they point out how he's just staring over their heads whenever they're speaking to him?

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