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A group created for those that just love to read or authors that love to write. Post your stories and share your love of literature.

1. Please submit your stories, recommendations, or stories in need of review in the appropriate folders. Authors be advised that you can submit your story in more than one folder if it has multiple tags. Recommendations can be made by anyone as long as it is in the correct sub-folder.

2. If you are waiting for a review on your story, please post on the forum requesting as such once you have submitted the story. All reviews must be specified as to the focus of the request. Whether it is a quick review or a lengthy one will be determined by the one requesting a review.

3. The forums are open for any and all conversations but, please be advised that any threads that are deemed unnecessary will be deleted. Please keep the topics to fics, requests, recommendations of non-fanfic works, story discussions, discussions about the show, and seeking help in writing.

Overall, my hope is that many people join and submit their works so that everyone can have a variety of different genres to choose from in terms of stories. Please be respectful and have a great day!

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