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Two thousand years ago, Equestria was once a united nation where everypony lived together in harmony. But when Equestria's four rulers vanished off the face of the planet, a new government called the Order was formed, leading to Equestria splitting in two due to disagreements among each other, but when a pony claims to be one of the princesses a unicorn named Watcher does everything he can to find the truth about this mysterious mare he met by fate.

This is the description of my story...... And this group is for everyone who wants to join me on this journey.

There will be folders for you to place your own spin-offs to Gems, just as long as you let me know. I want you guys to enjoy this just as much as I do, so I'm allowing you guys to make your own stories with different characters and places. I shall make threads that shall be detailed about the new world itself as we progress through the Gems Trilogy.


1. Be nice to all members.
2. Respect others,
3. No spamming threads!!!
4. No trolls or haters or you will be banned from the group!!!
5. You shall be given a warning if you commit rule three or four, but if committed again rule four.
6. Put stories in correct folders!
7. Have Fun! XD

Main Storyline:
Gems: The Sun Princess

Gems: The Lunar Princess- Coming Soon

Gems:?????- Coming Soon

When People actually make spin-offs lols

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