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Reviewer's Cafe is for all authors who seek to improve and grow through feedback, whilst also putting their stories up to see if they have what it takes to be accepted into our Featured list. If you want either of these things out of your story, then please, show us what you’ve got!

Reviewer’s Cafe is a member of the Creator’s Guild, a place for people to enjoy themselves. Our Discord is moderately active with a gaming community as well as an active staff. We have rules concerning the Discord, however, they're common sense rules and shouldn't be feared.

In order to have your story reviewed, you will need to submit in our submissions folder. This folder becomes available at the start of every month and will be available until 50 submissions have been reached (see above for the next submission cycle). Your story will be claimed by a reviewer and when your story has been reviewed you will be notified and the review will be published in our forum.

For submissions, we do have some guidelines. As mentioned above, we're looking for stories on the site to add to the Creator's Guild, a collection of groups providing services such as: Art, Editing, and story advice.

So feel free to submit your story and join us. Only a few rules apply.

Submission Guidelines

  • Stories with the sole purpose of gore and other morally questionable content such as acts against consent and vore are subject to removal based on admin discretion.
  • All submitted stories must have rating and commenting enabled.
  • Stories with the sole purpose of sexual entertainment may not be submitted.

If you have any questions regarding the Reviewers Cafe or the Creator’s Guild, please do not hesitate to contact OkemosBrony.

If you wish to challenge a review grade or if you wish to bring a problem to our attention, please contact our complaints officer, Milo Chalks.

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Do you accept crossovers?

Kinda unfortunate. I'm pretty sure it died with the format change away from having people dedicated to reviewing and instead letting anyone do reviews.


Definitely feels like it, though.

Hello? Anyone out there? This group is dead, isnt it?


Submissions are currently CLOSED. Submissions for the next cycle will begin at 10 AM EST (UTC -5) on January 5th, 2019.

This "Submissions Status" is updated consistently, and can be found below the "Story Directory" box right here, on the main page.

Not long to wait! Good luck :twilightsmile:

Okay I can’t add anything for some reason even though I joined. Help? Hope this place is monitored

1st December. I'll put that in my diary...

Not sure if anyone will see this but I figure it would be safer for me to ask here (and hope someone notices).

I have a story that at one point made it to the Featured Page, however I can't say for sure if it was because of the story or just a fluck. I have tried to submit it to the submission folder but it claims it is full (apparently clop fics like to clog the folder), so I'm not sure if the review cycle already came to an end or not.

When is the most opportune time to try to submit my story to the submission folder?

Hey there! I recently heard about this group, so I thought I could give it a chance, why not?:twilightsmile:

I found it years ago so im not 100% sure, but I do believe it's a Magic card named "The Library of Leng"

Yee, but where's the banner from?


Complete stripping of the group to make make it better. :twilightsmile:
Hopefully the new operation helps.

Banner sauce?

This chat section is not monitored. Please Pm an admin with questions.

Also note that the FAQ forum thread says at the bottom that if anyone has questions, to ask them there. But the thread is locked so that nobody can post.

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