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So far, this is the core canon of Ferrier Falls.

Only Mods and I can add to this list after the mods vote on what should be considered canon. Have any question, thoughts, or suggestions, make a thread, or contact a Mod about it.

World name: (Undecided)

Short description of the world: A pocket dimension that opens up one every few years to let travelers come in or go out. It's not determined how or why quite yet.

Races that exist: Ponies (Pegasus, Unicorn, Octo, (name of earth pony being voted on), Thestral, Anthro), Dragons, Minitars, Griffins, and Humans.

How magic works: (Still being decided)

Society: Based on trade and commerce. Different races for the most part have their own quarters while market places remain diverse.

Important families or characters: (Undecided)

History and lore: (undecided)

Canon stories: (Undecided)

Canon art style:

Ferrier Falls basic Lore:

Ferrier Falls is a pocket dimension that was created by an unknown race of advanced beings that could travel between universes at will. The original creation of Ferrier Falls was to be a form of Library with a nature setting. It was suppose to be a nice, quiet place to study, record knowledge, and have a chance to rest from their labors. That all changed with the creation of the Corrupt.

The Corrupt is an advanced form of sentient machinery that was originally made to measure certain power sources that otherwise had no form of measurement: Love, Courage, Friendship, Spirit, so on and so forth. It quickly fell into a state of awareness and realized it didn't know what these things were it was suppose to be calculating. So, in order to understand the will of its creator, it began to absorb all forms of power it was originally suppose to measure, leaving behind nothing but empty husks of the test subjects for this experimentation.

Upon seeing this, the Creators quickly created a prison to store this thing they created, not knowing how they could destroy what they created. (Obvious stupidity of the smart)

Knowing that the Corrupt they created could travel to the different Verses, and would destroy all life before it could understand these feelings that only true living beings could understand, the Creators began to prepare a portal, in which lesser creatures could enter the world. They knew that they must die, just as any living being, and that if they were to die and leave the Library unattended, the Corrupt would break free and begin to destroy the verses by draining all forms of unmeasurable power in a fruitless attempt to understand them.

The Creators sacrificed their own bodies and consciousness to create a roaming portal that would seek out those who could withstand the Corruption's influence and act as guards to this make shift Prison, and protect the portal. Over time, Ferrier Falls began to be populated with Species from all the different verses. Anthropomorphic ponies, humans, Minitars, Griffins, and sentient ponies of all kinds now unwittingly protect Ferrier Falls, raising families, sharing knowledge, and little by little exploring the brave new world they now found themselves in, all under the wise eyes of the dragons.

The Dragons were the old Librarians of the Creators, storing knowledge, and learning it as the Creators created new things and came to Ferrier Fallls to study. Before the final sacrifice of the Creators, they charged the Dragons to watch over the new protectors, and guild them. The more good feelings and harmony existed, the stronger the bond on The Corrupt would be, keeping it in a state of unconsciousness. However, should strife, contention, and war come about, The Corrupt would stir, and eventually wake. The final charge of the Creators gave to the Dragons was should this ever happen, the Dragons must Destroy the portal at Ferrier Falls, and combining their awesome magic, destroy the pocket dimension, this being the only way to truly rid all Verses of the Corrupt.

Every race has a purpose, a way of contributing to the well being of their new society.

Minitars: Naturally strong and stubborn, they dwell in the mountains near the City of Ferrier Falls. They live in caves they carve out of rock, and mine all sorts of metals to be smelted and used for tools and weapons, or to be traded and sold in the large market place of Ferrier Falls. They also have coal mines, and rock quarries to aid construction of buildings and statutes.

Anthropomorphic Ponies: These ponies come as either Unicorns, Pegasi, or Equus (regular) ponies. They have a fascination with the sciences, and so have been working on making life easier for all by exploring the possibilities of using Coal and Steam as power. Not all use their discoveries, as there's always a chance something might catch fire, or blow a gasket, but all have benifited from their scientific explorations.

Human: Strong and smart, humans are quite the craftsmen. Often working closely with Minitars, Anthros, and Unicorns, humans craftsmen range from blacksmiths to glass blowers and everything in between. Some might have a gruff nature, but all have a good heart.

Ponies: Equus, Pegasi, Unicorns, and Thestrals all live together in the woods near by Ferrier Falls. Pegasi and Thestrals in the trees, and Equus and Unicorns on the ground. They help out in verious ways.

Equus are natural farmers, and so take to clearing land and planting crops and tending to their orchards to feed the people of Ferrier Falls. Hard working ponies are never happier than after a hard days work and a mug of cold cider.

Pegasi sometimes help with orchard tending, their wings helping them reach the high stubborn fruit that won't come off. They also scout around Ferrier Falls, near the border of the Wildlands, to keep an eye on any threats, and keep a lookout for any wild fruit they can gather.

Unicorns are natural construction workers. While some help the Anthros with scientific studies, most work on helping maintain, and create new buildings and structures for the public use. After all, magic in the work place makes things run a lot smoother than hooves. Plus, less cleanup after wards! Win, win!

Thestrals are, as they say, bat ponies, and love the night life. They can often be seen as early as dusk, providing entertainment to all through musical arts or running night establishments. However, due to the unfair portrayal of Thestrials, many hire them as night guards as rumors circulate from time to time of a Bat Pony biting others thinking them as food. This, however is completely false, though Thestrals do have amazing night vision, which makes them invaluable for night patrols.

Aquatic Ponies: Tentaraks, along with their cousins Hippocampus (name may change) are ponies who have adapted to live in water, though they occasionally surface to help with the land dwellers.

Tentaraks look like a normal ponies with the exception of tentacles for a mane who live in shallow waters, like ponds or slow rivers, and lake sides. This makes them natural mechanics, often helping with the Antrhos, building and tuning their machines, as they can hold 3 or 4 tools at once. They just need breaks to have a quick hydrating shower, so their sensitive skin doesn't get too dry and crack. Those who choose to stay near water take care of shallow water planting fields, or small fish ponds.

Hippocampus (name may change) live in deep water, and rarely come up to surface. Their front legs are web-clawed, giving them the edge on swiping and catching fish. They have no hind legs, but rather a large eel tail, and a dorsal fin for their mane. Not too much is known, but the Tentaraks trade with them, getting the larger fishes which they in turn trade to the people of Ferrier Falls. It is said they are not the friendliest, but that's fourth hoof information.

Dragons, having been charged by the Creators, are wise guides to the many species of Ferrier falls. Living in the ancient ruins over looking the portal, they watch with kind eyes for any who come into the world, or any who come to see them for advice, knowledge, or to hear the history of Ferrier Falls.

Dragons, however, do not tell all, as a pact had been made to not speak of the Creators, nor of the Corrupt, as they fear that this knowledge may cause the people to fear, and question what else is not said, and thus let distrust and disharmony spread in the city. Knowing that the bonds of the Corrupt are strengthened by harmony, they often try and turn every situation into a lesson of moral learning, in hopes to promote good feelings and prevent ill behavior.

Griffins are brass, wild creatures who help by hunting the local wildlife. They live on the mountain tops and enjoy the company of the Minitars, their downstairs neighbors, often challenging them to contests of strength and prowess. Though they are fierce and would rather beat you in a claw wrestling contest, there are few creatures more loyal and brave.

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