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Galaxy Nebula
Group Admin

Hey guys! Galaxy here! ^^ Thank you all so much for joining this group dedicated to me. It means a lot, knowing you guys care. I would just like to post a few rules.

1: No rude or hateful comments towards other users
2: If you don't have anything nice or helpful to post, don't post it
3: If I find you posting rude, hateful, or NSFW stuff, you will be banned.

Also, feel free to post any stories featuring or written by me in the folder (Within reason, My E.S.F series is alright to add) ^^
So, enjoy! ^^

5560117 Well, you could add two things:

1. A ban system. That's very simple. Just do the following:

STRIKE ONE: You'll receive a warning. No ban, but a warning.

STRIKE TWO: You'll be banned for a week.

STRIKE 3!!! YOU'RE OUT!!!: You'll permanently be banned. If you have any reason to be UN-banned or if the ban was UN-fair, feel free to PM an admin about it.

That way, it makes the whole banning thing fair.

2. For being an admin, I decided to give you the brand new Iphone 7 Galaxy:

No, seriously. It really works. I'm not lying.

5560117 I just got a question: Why did you post the same-thing on the thread, and the description? I don't understand that mate.

EDIT: I almost forgot, I'm really sorry for being destructive to you're story. It was rude, off-topic, very in-constructive, UN-necessary, and I'm sorry.

Jesse Coffey
Group Admin

5560117 JCP has changed the name of the group to "Member Support of Galaxy Nebula" in order to fit the proper mandate of the fan groups that it owns and operates.

5560117 Just in-case if it gets lost in the huge amounts of feed, I need you to support and spread the word about this mate.

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