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In Movie Magic, for helping save Camp Everfree, the girls score being on the set of a Daring Do movie being filled by camp alumnus Canter Zoom. Unfortunately, filming is not going smoothly. When a mysterious string of events occur, everything from props going missing to stage sets falling apart, the girls decide to go sleuthing. When a cloaked figure is seen running on the set and an actress is heard wanting to shutdown production, the team must avoid the red herrings and decipher the real clues.


Rainbow Dash is an athlete with a magic geode that allows her to run super fast. What happens when Rainbow Dash confronts a competition where she can’t win by muscle-power alone?

A cupcake fountain is hard to imagine. Despite it being an unlikely prop for the movie Stormy with a Side of Pudding, Pinkie Pie throws a party that features one. Making it work for real requires the ingenuity of Twilight and her friends.

At Rainbow Dash’s request, celebrity-conscious Rarity investigates why A.K. Yearling of whom we know “you[’d] think it'd be easy to reach someone who is always holed up in her office writing, but Miss Yearling is a very difficult woman to track down.”

Extra credit (optional): Any story can benefit by being written like a mystery, whether it be solving a crime or wondering why the poodle is suddenly pink. Determine the ending of a story and sprinkle in remarks and actions by various characters that foreshadow the ending as well as others that are reasonable but have nothing to do with the ending.

Deadline: July 7, 2017

Place your entries in Movie Magic. Please, only one entry.

Stories must be appropriately tagged Everyone, Teen, or Mature. Remember, stories tagged Mature are not visible to all readers and will not participate in any contests or after-the-fact lists. Please also select one or more story categories (like Adventure, Slice of Life, etc.). Because I understand preserving the mystique of a story, you are welcome not to provide tags for the main characters.

Please post comments only here. Follow all FicFiction site rules of conduct, and be nice. Read the stories and vote on which you like best (other than your own). If voting becomes a thing, the top five vote-getters will be be appended to the post. Feel free to discuss the episode, too.

Start writing!

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