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discrimination is never allowed here

I think Princess Cadence would be happy here if she was still with us. Did you follow the events with the user Princess Cadence last week?

Yeah. Had problems with the fic, but telling people to kill themselves is not appropriate. Glad PC didn't go through. I wish them the best. I hope anyone sending death threats faces/faced appropriate sanction.

7528435 Nothing changed. Nopony got sanctioned.

I believe the same will keep happening in the future, just that the LGBT community will often succeed in bringing their own members to suicide. I think Princess Cadence was just the start of the trend. Their first victim, if you will.

I thought the mods didn't share information about sanctions. I sometimes follow up on my reports to check if the content I report has been altered/removed. Frequently there has been no change in the content and no observable effect on the user posting said content*. The circumstances prevented that in this case.

Even if they didn't, I'm skeptical that a reprimand would be sufficient for such things as I've heard alleged, and I rarely see more sanction than that. Although, again, I think mods don't share information about sanctions.

* some better feedback about what I should/shouldn't report would be nice. Most of the time I have to divine the moderation guidelines by going back to check like this. Feels like like reading the future with tea leaves.

7528462 The thing is, death threads were only sent by PM and Princess Cadence probably didn't report them because she was tired of reporting them. She did the same half a year ago and nothing happened.

There are users who removed her story and kicked her out of the community, but that didn't violate any of the site rules. Though, this is the thing that hurt her the most. The community was, by her own words, her only home. And suddenly, she was homeless, all because she dared to publish a story.

Nopony got in trouble due to the incident. And nopony will get in trouble when corpses start to pile up. It's just a persistent problem that will go unresolved.

Since neither of us expect the moderation to change, let's talk about adding else.

Did I understand you right from the other thread? You're a gender abolitionist? You mentioned something about making people genderless, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

7528561 People think they're the pinnacle of evolution. They're not. And even if they were, I know enough biology to know evolution is not a perfect process. Deeply rooted mistakes don't get fixed, they just get circumvented.

Sex, two genders, sexual orientation, love... All these are just vestiges of our evolutionary past. They're not what defines us, they're just the baggage of our past we still have to carry.

I propose a new path. Let's go back to the drawing table and not ask ourselves what we are, but what we could be. Let's stop our dependency on faulty systems.

We could become so much more if people would only stop sticking their heads up their own asses all the time.

There's only so far we can go with social change. What are you suggesting? Inheritable self-modification? Technological augmentation?

Hi there. Actual biology major here, just figure I would chime in.

Evolutionary Psychology is a pseudoscience. Trying to say that gender identity, sexual orientation and love are just products of evolution is pretty weird and also ignores that people are conscious.

There's a laundry list of things that are wrong and or downright abhorrent about the field of Evo Psy, so please dont think to use it.

I think PC and the users in this group would be happier if PC wasn't and instead he was getting the mental treatment he desperately needs over his actual pedophilia.

7528656 People have genders. People have sex. Evolution is to blame for that and consciousness has nothing to do with it.

7528578 I'm with on this one.

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