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The title here is fairly self-explanatory. With most of us not prescribing to traditional male or female labels, gender can be very confusing for some and difficult to define. Most of the world thinks gender is what separates the masculine form the feminine, while others merge it with the biological terms for sex equalling man and woman. But I'm sure we're all aware that it is far more complicated than that.

I think of gender as being more like a color wheel. While many people see ordinary colors (Red, blue, purple, brown, etc.) I see all the deeper and lighter hues as well (Turquoise, Aquamarine, Maroon, Hazel, Mauve, Cream, Rose, you get the idea). The very concept of someone's gender can never be so plain or clean cut as basic colors. Every individual is so unique and diverse, it would be impossible to shoehorn all human beings as being simply male or female. Very much like colors, there can never simply be blue, or green, or pink, or whatever; There's more depth and complex discoveries to be made beneath what the average human eye can pinpoint.

What do you all think? How do you see gender in our own world?

5619901 I see the world full of human beings or interesting individuals. I no longer see gender as just male and female. It's much deeper than that. I think the complexity that we are becoming more and more of tells me of how the soul or the inner part of us is breaking away from the barriers that were placed around us through history and time. Our souls are not male and female, we are what say we are and make ourselves to be. I see gender as fluid and expanding in covering all the gender types we know now, again. Not to be preachy at all. :twilightsheepish:

5619901 Gender is irrelevant. It's just a vestige of our past evolution.

It's kind of like having a tail. Some people have it and some don't, yet, none of them need it in order to be human.

Gender isn't what makes us special. It's not what makes humans. Most animals have a gender. If anything, gender makes us more primal than advanced.

If I were designing a new generation of humans, I'd make them genderless.

complicated, multifaceted, interesting
and unfortunately can cause stress for the individual (like physical dysphoria, preffered pronouns not being used, struggle with figuring self out. gender roles and expression going against what others assign you or what you identify as. these just examples, i think there are more reasons, and by no means have to have any specific one to have stress related to it). and some people can be very negatively reactive to the individual...which saddens me
it can be, and behave, and be shown, or lack of showing/existing. in various individuals. at that core i have always valued its wonder(then again, same veiw for psychology in general, very fascinating and unique). but sadly acknowledge those that dont view the complexity as fondly and readily react negatively
humans are interesting in various ways, and that is viewed fondly by me, and negatively by people i've known

Sets of norms and stereotypes that permeates culture that I would like to opt out of and only participate in those I desired when I desired.

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