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This is the group's welcome thread. Please feel free to introduce yourself with your name, age, gender identity, pronouns, and any other facts you wish to share. I'll go first.

My name is Dramapony. I'm 23 years old, and I identify as Genderqueer, Transfeminine, and Androgyne. My pronouns are They/Them/Their, and I enjoy long walks through autumn foliage, dogs, music, and art.

I'm Anal_Destroyer_0706.

I'd rather keep my age private.

I identify as an Attack Helicopter. My pronouns are Apache-Self/Their/They.

I enjoy reading, writing and jogging.

I'm Krickis, though y'all could probably tell that already :raritywink:
I'm twenty-five, and I simply identify as genderqueer. I don't actually care what pronouns someone uses, because I'm a pain like that :twilightsheepish: I generally tell people they can just choose what pronouns they want to use based on how the see me (more feminine/masculine) or they/them if someone just doesn't want to bother.
My interests aren't terribly special for Fimfiction users; I like reading, writing, and cartoon horses :ajsmug:

You are extremely witty. How could anyone ever hope to compare to your amazing joke that we've definitely never heard one hundred times before?

I go by Sophia ( I preferred slightly Saphyra. but it felt too archaic and clunky for most people, so i chose one that i also liked and felt fit me, that being Sophia)
transwoman?transfeminine? not sure (been on hormones 4 months though...feel like been questioning for far too long)
my interests are all over the place.

Hi everypony! :twilightsmile:

I go by the handle Damaged.
Age 38
Agender and asexual. Any pronouns will do.

I adore writing, and one of my readers suggested I link a few of my "don't fit in any boxes" stories into this group.

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