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The underlying message of much of our society and out culture is that being in a romantic relationship is the ultimate goal, or possibly breeding... within the confines of a romantic relationship.

Well I want some variation, and something that doesn't keep implying that I should go and try and look for a girlfriend. Do any of you know of any good fics about pointedly not being in, or looking for, a romantic relation?

5990836 I have a story Forget Love that talks about the illusion of 'the one and only' in our lives. It points to the uselessness of the cycle of constantly seeking attachments. Perhaps it would be to your liking.

While I'm not aware of any, sorry, I do now have an idea on making one.

In a sense. I saw it as an allegory about how a desire to seek love clashes with itself. Those who seek love never stop doing so, and they hurt themselves and the people they love by doing it in the first place. It tells me that staying away from romance is the safe bet, and I approve.

Please do. I think we need more of stories like it.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 4
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