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There are three separate states that we know of (Or at least that I know of :trixieshiftright:) that exist besides Equestria: Yakyakistan, The Crystal Empire, The Gryphon Kingdom (Or perhaps simply Realm, in modern Equestrian times). We don't know a particularly large amount of these other nations, let alone Equestria, in terms of: Economy, Political leadership, International Relationships, militaristic capabilities, or their national histories. What I'm hoping to get out of this thread is some ideas, what do you think of Equestria and the other known nations? What about possible other nations, perhaps for the Diamond Dogs or Changelings? Perhaps the most important of all, and the primary reason I'm making this thread, how do you think these nations have affected each other in their histories; not only in wars and peaceful tradings, but also in cultural exchange and ideologies that were moves from one place to another.

5318315 I think since this is a fantasy based children's show there will probably be another fantasy creature based nation, since we have seen gryphons as a separate nation. BUT since this is a show about friendship obviously the trade resources are friendship:derpytongue2:


If I didn't know any better, then I'd assume you take this show as a children's show. In fact, if I say so, it seems you expect it to act like a children's show... Good thing I don't know any better! :raritywink:

I sorta wanna toss out some of my own ideas into this thread, maybe it'll get some more people in here talking and thinking (You kids these days, trying not to think.:twilightangry2:). Either way, lets start with Equestria.

Equestrian Economy - From what it looks in the show, they are actually a fairly well industrialized society. With cities such as Manehatten resembling our own modern cities to an extent. Further supporting this is their railway system, trains are one of the major drivers of early industrial societies after all. Their agriculture does seems to lag behind ours though, as it is mostly animal (specifically pony :rainbowwild:) driven. I believe this is made up for with magic of the ponies; perhaps this is the reason they don't seem to have quarries and mines for coal and other raw materials that had been used for fuel in our own history as well.
Equestrian Leadership - Princess Celestia and Luna apparently run the nation by themselves, in an absolute diarchy (monarchy prior to Luna's return). The local government may have elected officials, seeing as Ponyville has a mayor rather than a traditional lord. It is possible that they have a national parliament/senate, but we've seen no evidence of this. Without voting on the national scale, and the evident popularity of the sister alicorns, I believe it's safe to assume there's no large political parties or organizations seeking changes.
Equestrian Foreign Policies - I assume they are extremely peaceful, as shown in their lack of a large/powerful military. They themselves don't seem isolationist, seeing as they hosted Saddle Arabian delegates; but their neighbors certainly seem much more isolated (Yakyakistan and the Gryphon's realm are evidently hardly traveled by Equestrian's, or the nations delegates).
Equestrian History - The history of Equestria is the best known of all the known nations, being the centerpiece of the show makes this a rather simple assumption to make. We know that they started as three fragmented tribes, perhaps war being a part of this as the Pegasi appeared very militaristic, and they eventually united under the banner of 'Equestria'. That raises the point of just when did Princess Celestia and Luna enter the scene; in fact, it raises the point of why they were allowed to take full charge of the nation in the first place. I figure that they had to do something to be allowed to take total control over the nation (Hopefully peacefully :rainbowderp:), perhaps defeating Discord originally? Maybe that reason explains why the Crystal Empire joined Equestria in such friendly relationships (defeating King Sombra).

These are all rather vague points, I know. I'm just curious whatcha'll think, and if ya'll got other ideas for Equestria (and the other nations).

5324980 Well if you remember in the season five finale there was a large pony war going on. So probably Equestria has a draft... I also feel like the economy would be mainly focused on agricultural products since there are places like Appaeloosa.

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5318315 There are dragons, and though they don't really act as a state, they do have a leadership. They may operate as clans, following a leader only in matters that concern all dragons of the area. They may not do much on the international scene, but they surely aren't out of the picture. Then, there's whatever mythical-mystical zebra land Zecora hails from.

There are only a few nick picks with your assessment of Equestria. I don't think it's safe to assume coal isn't a factor, as we've seen rock farms to basically be mines and quarries for ponies. I guess since equines don't like cramped underground spaces, the industry just renamed it to attract more ponies. Classic propaganda. Aside from that, all I have to say is that the Princess may be (kind of) elected. While not technically a democratic voting system, ponies seem to follow the general rule that if it looks like it's been M.A. Larsoned, it's worthy of leading. They trust their leaders not by royal blood or divine right (unless Celestia is a sun god like MAS suggests) but by the fact that the princesses are dedicated to caring for their citizens. So, a constitutional diarchy (triarchy? :P Does Twilight even count?)

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5324980 Hm.... Let's try Yakyakistan

Clearly a less industrial culture. Their economy thus far points towards subsistence, simply because their harsh environment doesn't allow for massive farms like Equestria. However, by examining the area around Yakyakistan in S5E11 "Party Pooped," there is one other industry that may allow them to profit where their farms cannot. Timber.

There are a few trees around Yakyakistan, mainly two or three in the scene with Pinkie and the random baby yak. Yet, despite the lack of trees that could normally be regarded as the north being a cruel mistress and forbidding anything to grow, we can see two massive Yak statues carved from wood. They don't just have enough wood for houses and gates, but they've been around more than enough timber to form an art based on it, carving monolithic yaks out of the corpses of trees simply because... well, I won't claim to know Yak culture, but it's clearly important to them. So yeah, after transforming all its forests into farmland and cities, Equestria needed to turn to another source of wood, because one does not simply deforest the Everfree.

Now all we need need to know is how they transport it. There were no rails, and all Pinkie had was a sled...

Sledding yak lumberjacks. Yes.

In regards to their government, it seems to be a simple monarchy. There was a prince, and unless they work with multiple leaders, there must have been a king, and the reason the king did not show for up in Equestria is simple: the Prince was sent because the King Robert Baryakeon was busy naming Yak Stark the Hoof of the King. Yaks value strength, strive for perfection, and don't like anyone trying to pass off a forgery for the real thing, and with multiple rulers, there would bound to be some struggle between leaders, even if they were family.

Maybe one of them's really short so the other yaks don't respect him, but he's super cunning and outplays every yak in lies and espionage. His name is also Yakion Yakkistor.

Quickfire round! Yak foreign policy: Build a magnificent wall and make the Equestrians pay for it. Uh.... no wait, just let the frozen tundra envelope all relationships. Then make gulags.

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