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Hello everyone, those majoring in history and those with a passing interest alike. I think it'd be fun to get to know each other a bit more, and what better way to get to know someone than to learn what their favorite parts of history are? Why, if there even is a better way I've certainly never found it. :trollestia:
I think a good start would be the simple, or not so simple, question: What's your favorite time in history to study or fantasize about? Why does said particular part of history attract your attention in such a way? Do you think Equestria, or their world as a whole, have experienced your particularly favored time?

5308602 I love them all so much!:raritydespair: But if I had to pick my top favorites, it would be Rome (by which I mean from the Roman Kingdom all the way to the end of the Byzantine Empire), Medieval Europe, age imperialism, and wwI


Someone likes their kings, empires, and wars. :rainbowkiss: So outta curiosity, why those periods?

5310217 Just because they're the ones I've always found the most fascinating. It's kinda hard to explain, especially since I love all of History so much, but they've kinda always been interesting to me. Rome and medieval Europe have been with me since I was a kid watching documentaries and reading books (plus Renaissance fairs:rainbowkiss:), imperialism partly comes from my love of steampunk, and wwI is special because it was both the last old war and the first modern war, and it's severely overlooked here in the US


So I have to know, what was your favorite Imperial power? And why was it The German Empire?

5310321 Strangely enough, the German Empire is tied with the British Empire for my favorite:rainbowlaugh: German unification and it's brief yet eventful existence has always been interesting to me. I also never saw them as the "bad guys" in WWI, which really didn't have a "bad guy" in my opinion.


Yeah, something I always enjoyed more about WW1 over WW2, the lack of a defined bad guy. Well, from the idea of it as a historical story anyways, nothing to enjoy about sending waves of soldiers over the top I suppose. Sorta curious, what the world would be like if the German Empire never broke up from the Treaty of Versailles.

(On an unrelated note, adorable profile picture :rainbowkiss:)

5308602 My three favorites are Rome around Caesar and the like, simply because it's fascinating to see how the kingdom eventually decayed and how they grew as a nation. Plus Hannibal. I love the medieval period, due to the fact that I've always enjoyed reading abut it and the intrigue, wars and so on, and I love the age of sailing. I've been reading up a lot on that one stretch from 1716 to 1726, with Charles Vane, Blackbeard and their buddies. I just love sailing for the thrill of adventure. :twilightblush:

I enjoy Rome and the dark ages simply because that was when the most technological advancements in war happened :pinkiecrazy:, I also enjoy a tiny bit of WW2.

5312617 That's been a matter of a lot of debate, but I think the fall of the empire wasn't as impactful as the economic crash that made people desperate enough to put a man like Hitler in power.
Also, thank you! It was done by my friend Stellar Bubbles:twilightsmile:

5312759 The Golden Age of Piracy is so fascinating! I'm taking a class in the fall about the archaeology of Caribbean Piracy:rainbowkiss:

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It varies with my mood. While I was doing a research paper on Kasserine Pass, I was into the early modern era, yet at the same time, I also love the medieval and Renaissance eras. Medieval for the gritty conflicts that make excellent stories, and Renaissance for its revolutionary changes. The same would apply also apply to the industrial revolution in both Europe and America. Personally, I find the European side far more interesting in regards to espionage between nations, as spies and engineers tried to catch up to Britain's technology.

And of course, that's only the western history. Feudal Japan and China's history, specifically the period predating major trade with the west (so no opium), do interest me, though still not at the same extent. To stretch out to the rest of the world, I look to the Age of Colonialism. Sad times for all the unique cultures, but at least it created a more connected global society. Connected under just a few countries though.

It's hard to simply pick an era, I just love so many aspects of history. Which kinda makes sense, when you think about it.

For me, the older the better.
One of my passions is Three Kingdoms Era Ancient China (I'm making an adaptation of it on Deviantart) but I also enjoy Ancient Greece and Rome, the Crusades, the Mongol Invasions and Feudal Japan.

20th century. I'm kinda bland.

American Civil War era


Ain't nothing wrong with the 20th century, especially considering how tense and explosive that time was. :twilightsmile: Any particular favorite decades or events from the 20th century?

Baby's first steps into history, WW2 and the Cold War. :raritydespair:

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