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Hello all, I am in the process of gathering together a group of players interested in playing a Semi-long term MLP Stellaris campaign that focusses on Rp and Diplomacy. The game would take place around 8 pm MT on Thursdays.

As I said before, there will be a heavy focus on RP, with players taking the role of a planetary leader in the now fragmented Equestrian solar government. To facilitate this, the number of habitable planets will be VERY LOW, although the mod pack being used will include a mod that generates 20+ different types of planets. This will be to force players to interact with each other to trade for resources they may or may not need and discourages people from just bunkering up.

in addition, players will have to choose from prescripted species( it doesn't make sense for a pegasus from one planet at the start to be different from another) players will be free to modify their species as time goes on though

The Mod pack being used can be found here for those who wish to check it out


Hmm. I have been playing Stellaris for a while and here and there.

Interesting, but I can't partake. 8 pm MT is 3 am where I live.

Could you record the event? Even though I can't play with you, I'm still interested in seeing what happens.

Really want to, but i am kinda busy for a while at that time. Shame, sounds very interesting to partake in.

I don't have all DLCs on Stellaris while waiting the prizes to drop and late of the game is nightmare with lagging gameplay on laptop.

Here's my own rp gameplay as an exiled Queen Chrysalis's newly formed Changeling Empire. Forming a alliance with United Nations of Equestria.

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