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going to make a stellaris faction and i want ideas as to what traits they whould have

What faction in particular? Equestria?

also my ship in elite dangerous has the same name

For biological traits, I'd recommend Agrarian, Charismatic, and Talented for possible positive traits, and wasteful for negative - the descriptions of the trait should make the reasons for these obvious - and for civics Environmentalist, Beacon of Liberty, Idealistic Foundation and Aristocratic elite.
Ethics should almost certainly include pacifist, which should combine with imperial authority to give Irenic Kingdom
If you're going for a roleplaying gameplay style, then the psionic ascension path is basically magic as well.

damn it all to sun and moon stellaris updated and broke my pony mods have to wait for author ro update mods which he said he would do

Glad to be of help

might also be helpful to relise that im new to stellaris and i have all the dlc except the new story pack

will you be making this into an aar fanfiction?

i might but im a crap writer my grammar and punctuation sucks and also the fact that elite dangerous is consuming a lot of my life at the moment

I kind of cheated and downloaded the pony mod (main reason for over 150 hours worth of gameplay).

Ethics: Xenophile with high religion.

Traits: alicorn longevity and cutie mark.

It's so useful not having to change out leaders every 5 years or so with the high life span, but it's a shame I can't get full AI rights.

have you thought of doing an aar fanfiction on this site advent

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