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We have decided to create a pony mod, and would like to hear what your wishes are for the mod.
What are you guys looking for in a pony mod? Besides the obvious working, and as few bugs as possible

Best regards cst

ps, if you'd be willing to help out with this project please feel free to contact me, we're always looking to get more team members ;)

new research with "magic"

1) adecuate Pony names

2) Diplomatic mensajes for example when you have good relations with them they will say someting like "we are glad to live in harmony with your especies [add especies name]"

3) Empire of chaos ruled by discord

5568115 i have that mod but...... it lack's SO MUCH!.(DIEHARD will now go on a rant about it.)

there's only cannon ponies in it. so after awhile it get's really dull.
AND. there is no difference between the mlp races. like earth ponies should only be able to start with bullet's. unicorn's only lasers (and you all know the rest) and. you could work with cutie marks like the trait system.
AND THE WORST OF IT ALL........ THERE IS NO RESEARCH ABOUT MAGIC!!!!!!(DIEHARD get's so angry that he need's a pause).
(15min later) ok i'm calm i'm calm........ but seriously? no magic?. it is properly the biggest thing everyone could work with.
like magic reactor's
or magical energy fields
something like that

agreed that mod is not bad but it could be beter

Saint Kelly
Group Contributor

Because it's mostly a portrait mod, and you're meant to use a custom race editor for half the shit you listed.
if you want magic in the game then go spiritualist.

.(DIEHARD will now go on a rant about it.)

This makes you seem really fucking autistic.

Comment posted by diehard deleted Nov 3rd, 2017

Perhaps a solution can be found?

If the developers of the mod is willing we can work on making a offspring mod or just expand upon the already existing mod.

I'll have to talk with the owners of the mod first though.


I mean, the Psion research is in the game already which basically adds flashlight heads to the game if you go spiritualist anyways so.

I have a few very simple words for you: events, anomalies, and crises

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