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After much gameplay, I have challenged a Fallen Empire. Using nothing but lots of shields and Kinetic Artillery I managed to push through to their core worlds. The battles were long, and planets exchanged hands multiple times. But after much combat the enemy had exhausted its combat fleets. My War Machine was at the top of its game with entire fleets being pumped out of systems terraformed in their entirety into Gaia worlds. My great systems produced fleets by the dozens. Finally ready, I amassed my fleets and assaulted their inner colonies. Unprepared for my assault, planets fell to my exterminatus, the inner colonies dwindling down to but 3 worlds. It wad time to invade the homeworld. My fleets rapidly jumped in by the hundreds. The enemy response was brutal as several massive hostile fleets jumped in. Little did I knoe but the Fallen empire was invading another Empire. My fleets fought valiantly and with great honor yet in the end the admirals had to evacuate. After much deliberation I upgraded my fleets. Kinetic Artillery was fine but Torpedoes were the way to go. Yet again I built up my fleets and sent them to a single system, ready for the jump. Before I could jump the enemy jumped into my system. A fierce battle ensued as my ships and stations held fastm fighting was constant as new ships poured into combat, many were lost but the battle was ours. With the RHN Faggopolis leading the charge we decimated their home system. The war was ours.

5350252 Faggopolis?

5350261 yes. It is the most fabulous ship of them all.

5350271 Sadly its sister ship the Butcharia got demolished much earlier when the fleet it was attached to got attacked while repairing.


To the brave men and women of Butcharia.

We'll have a drink for every drop of sweat, every soul lost onboard, and every tear cried in remembrance to ye!

And when we are drunk enough then we will use a mining laser to carve yer stories into the side of a moon to be remembered forever!!

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