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You heard that everyone, I'll be making mods and uploading it here, HHaS (Human Heroes are Superior), HaS (Humans are superior),and that other group that I'm leading (not the politics group).

First, don't expect any promises (due to my lack of knowledge with maya and full time job) but I'll do my best. Second. Why am I doing this? Because I'm a generous son of a bitch.

Anyway, What will you expect? Ship mods from Sins of a solar empire mods, music that screams "HUMANITY, FUCK YEAH!", and some other things.

Q: Where will it be available?
A: Via dropbox link.

Q: Do you have a Patreon account?
A: What part of "Full time job" do you not understand.

Q: When will it be finished?
A: As soon as I finish it?

Now would you excuse me I have mods to work on.

Is this a pony mod....? Cause I'm still waiting for someone too do a mlp aar from the pony mod I found ont the steam workshop it's by some one who's name is in some type of asian language I just typed pony in the games offical steam workshop search it's the one with celestias portrait if anyone's interested

I'd play the mod even with the one that allows you to have 5000 stars but I don't have a frickin frack in computer I'm going to try and wait till September around my birthday to see if I have enough


As I said, ship mods from here, here, here, and a music mod. But I might make a MLP mod based on two (or three) versions, which is pony, anthro, and humanized versions.

5349992 Make a custom ship mod. I dare Yeh.


Define custom ship mod.

5350024 Using original models and ideas. Like make your own ships.


I might do that or not. Don't expect any promises though.


Well, apparently my lack of knowledge with maya is a problem, but that does not mean I'm not going to abandon it.

But if you want to help me and good with Maya 3d, here are the things that I require.

Converted the ship models and textures for stellaris from Sins of the prophets, Dawn of the Reapers, and Sins of a Galactic Empire. I'll handle the programing

Or you can link me to a tutorial.

Thanks in advance.


I finally figured out the kinks. Now I'll be manufacturing the ships so you can wage your galactic crusade in the future.

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