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Tony Baminaboni
Group Admin

This is where you can post screenshots!
While not mandatory, i recommend you post them here.

5231342 >Insert special Space Empire with Critical Human fuck yeah theme Screenshot<

Three species on my homeworld living together in harmony:

Sort of, anyway.

Heh Here's a funny screenshot I got:

5232732 >Using slaves to run power plants

RIP energy production.

Yes, of course the master race could do it better. They're the master race, after all. But the whole point of being the master race is not having to do it at all. Using slaves to do the dirty work is a matter of principle.

5255558 But the master race cannot mine or work farms better, now can it? :trollestia:

Also, you have slaves running your master race... :scootangel:

Tony Baminaboni
Group Admin

5254506 Well.
Communism in space.


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