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I made this group for my great and awesome bestie Trixie the Confused follow him or I'll hunt you down even your in the other side of the world and I will rip your soul into pieces, his an very as in very amazing friends, he always cheer me up and always one of the first person notice me sooo DEW IT!! JUST DEW IT!! FOLLOW HIM OR DIE BY SLIPPING IN A BANANA.


Hello, It is I the one and only Trixie. Welcome to the group my friends amazingly made for me :twilightsmile:
You guys are the best ... Kay guys, here be the rules
- Standard Fimfiction Rules.
- Only my stories can be added to the StormageddonTheDarkLords folder, if you wish to add your own storys put them in the 'Everyones Folder' folder
- and don't encourage anything bad.


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410668 oh? nothing is wrong

410667 Whats wrong?

410627 Every time I change my profile I update this group,

so we got an update huh? this used to be Stone Breeze but he change his name :3

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