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Want your very own original character drawn for free?

This group will feature raffles at least once a month, and the winner will get their original character drawn, paid for by me! I see so many people use those awful-looking pony creator avatars, so I want to make a dent in those by helping people get some cool art to use instead.

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I would love to have one

I;d love to get in on this, how do I participate in the raffle?

Your OC is a thestral? Well that's a first.

Could you please make a picture of Happy Moon and Twilight Sparkle standing proudly and with both of them wearing Pip-Bucks and blue-and-yellow Stable suits? By the way, Happy Moon is the pony I use for my profile pic, so I'd appreciate it if you drew him based off of it. (P.S., Happy Moon is 3 years younger than Twilight, so he's shorter.) (P.P.S., could you also put in the Fallout: Equestria logo with the words "The Happy Moon Chronicles" right below it? I know it t's a lot to ask for, but I have OCD, AND I just really need cover art.)

Hi, I'd love too have my oc drawn however I am unable too provide a reference due too me not having a Pc or flash compatible tablet. Best I can do is atempt too describe what she looks like.
If anyone is interested in trying too help me I will be very thankful

I am unable too do commissions, that is way I came here. Thank you :twilightsmile:

Edit: got someone to do a base for me, my avatar is what my oc looks like

i like a lot of shapes but id probably say the symbol on Ash's new hat in the new pkmn movie

Quick question, do the monthly raffles follow a schedule with being on a specific day, or is it a bit more sporadic?

Wow!!! That is so nice of you!!! Good luck to everybody on the raffle!!!

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409368 Just like I do my steam game giveaway raffles. I make a thread title The Raffle or something like that, and you pick a number between the range that I provide. If you win, I let you know on the thread and then I send you a private message with the details.

409408 It depends on the artist, I suppose.

Is this only for pony OCs, or can someone get a humanized OC done as well?

How do these raffles work exactly?

409355 I miss every shot I do take, too.

That's not even an exaggeration.

You know what, I'm just gonna go. Losing a bunch of contests is not good for someone who needs to stop hating themself.

409341 You miss every shot you don't take.

I'm not sure if I want to participate in this group since I end up fucked over and/or humiliated anytime and every time I participate in something luck-themed.

Any protips?

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