This group is for discussions for and stuff for the future!:yay:

This group is a time capsule and away to stay active after the show!


No making threads until the third day after the show ends. You will get a one warring the first time then a ban if you do it again.


The group Comment underneath this.

And the Time Capsule Thread

See you in the future :rainbowkiss:

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Huh Does anyone have a guess as to when it will end i'm predicting season 9 or 10. That will be sad though. I haven't even watched pass mid season 4. Rarity in manehatten was the last episode i watched chronologically when it came out. I watched this show when it first came out can't believe it's been almost 7yrs since it first broadcast.


Powerwolf is the best band.

Roses are blue,
Violets are red,
Harambe is not dead.

410071 u jelly mate? u jelly!!!!!!! :ajsmug:

FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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