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Half an hour ago, three consecutive attacks were careied out in London. A man drove into innocent people on the Tower Bridge, a mass stabbing occurred in Borough Market, and a third tragedy is unfurling right now in Vauxhall. This is an attack in threat level Critical, and more than two people have been confirmed dead, with many more injured. The car incidents and stabbings are the most gruesome parts, but we've yet to hear about the chaos occurring at Vauxhall.

Right now, I'm really, REALLY concerned for the United Kingdom. My country. My home. We've been hit with these terror attacks one after another, and I don't think the end is in sight. It's only a matter of time before Martial Law is declared. And at that point... Well, I don't want to think about it, but it could be very possible.

What can I do?:fluttercry:

5974328 How about this? The UK can do a travel ban.

5974331 But will that really help the situation?

What if the terrorists are all UK citizens?

The best thing to do is nothing. More people get killed by sharks than terrorists, and you don't see any country declaring war on sharks. It would be a stupid thing to do.

Your fear is exactly what the terrorists are after. Deny them the pleasure.

5974337 This was an attack in threat level Critical. This is the UK's version of Defcon 2. The whole thing could keep on spiralling out of control until we finally get to Defcon 1, in which case, the whole country's fucked over...

5974340 That's not the doing of the theorists, though. The UK is the one deciding how critical the situation is.

Cigarettes are 1000 times more deadly than theorists, and the UK didn't go to level Critical. Why invoke that status now?

Comment posted by PuzzlingInsanity deleted Jun 4th, 2017
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