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For quite some time, since my art school graduation, I've never been able to get a job. For professional jobs, saying "I'll relocate later" is not an excuse, and so if my resume states that I don't live in the area, it's likely an automatic disqualification. And then there are the kinds that ignore qualifications and decide not to hire for personal reasons. I have reason to believe that I'm running into a lot of those. All this bad luck I've had for what going on almost three years now feels like it can't be a coincidence. I've had an irrational fear that someone out there might be running a smear campaign against me to make sure I don't work ever again and possibly die in my own excretion because I deserve it.

I've already had too many misfortunes with this site as is. The nastiest comment any user could possibly say to me is still on this site and someone praised it. And I've also been told to "get off the Internet". As ridiculous as I might be sounding, it may be possible that someone is out to get me. Or worse, that someone really wants to make me suffer. I shouldn't have to be paranoid, but it's getting to that point for me.

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