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I told him that in Norwegian-American culture, the only thing you put above your wife is God, and that the love between spouses is the antenna for the love for the rest of the family.

He is from the "children-first" Filipino-American culture, and so when he heard that the children aren't the center of love, and that from there the parts will still be unequal in the Norwegian-American family even if this was the case, he flipped the fuck out and ranted about how terrible this was. Norwegian culture and Norwegian-influenced culture is certainly very Liberal, but it's not very sentimental, so I don't know if he can ever really handle it. In fact, most people can't, in my experience; can't abide the morbid humor, can't abide the liberal sex practices, can't abide any of it.

I'm sick of this bullshit, I'm thinking about blocking him, if he is as intolerant to my harmless cultural practice as he is, I can't stand it, but it will hurt him if I do. I don't want to hurt anybody more than I already do.

5850245 Why are you being intolerant to his harmless cultural practice?

I'm not. You apparently missed something in my post. He can be what he wants to be, and I can be what I want to be...but he disagrees with this and wants me to be just like him. I just told him how it is for me and he screamed and raved.


I'm thinking about blocking him

This is what I went on.

You did; you think I'm blocking him for his views on family. I'm not. I'm thinking about blocking him because I won't stand for being called names or his angry raving and spurious accusations over just being willing to let children die over my own.

5850810 Are you planning an abortion, or something?

No, I just said that in my culture, the mother and father love each other slightly more, or at least more intimately, than the child, and yet through loving each other more, the child actually has a more stable childhood.

In his culture, children come first, or the whole family is equal. So he's accusing me of being altogether too willing to let children die.

5850909 How does mom and dad loving each other result in a death of a child?

I'm not sure, to be honest. I think he was trying to argue that if I would almost certainly be so inhuman that if my wife had a paper cut and my kid had a broken leg, I'd attend to the paper cut first.

I know, it's weird. He's not exactly rational. He's easily irritated. views everything everybody else does as kind of shallow, because it's easier for him than just taking risks in life and growing up.

I don't know if I really like him anymore.

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