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I recently (like within the last couple years or so) found a site called 7 Cups Of Tea where you can make an account and talk to trained professionals or people who volunteer their time to help for free. I thought I would pass this information along because there are a lot of great resources that this site has to offer. Such as chat with any therapist/ volunteer at practically any time. Live chat where you can talk to people as a group and share problems that can get resolved in a group therapy type of setting. And much more.

There is a paid option and a free option. I would just go with the free option. You can literally do everything (including chat on the forums, visit the chat rooms, and get counseling/ therapy) for free. The paid option is really just for people who want paid counseling and added perks or whatever. But it literally makes no difference. There is an app for 7 Cups that you can download for both Android and Apple devices. You can join as either someone who needs therapy or someone who is willing to offer advice/ counseling for free.

I joined as someone seeking help as I have a lot of things I need to talk about. This is my profile here if you want to add me:

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